Beard Oil: Is it Necessary?

The bearded man has been in fashion a lot longer than we realise, the reason beards are getting more and more limelight, the reason we’re seeing more sportsman & celebrities latest ‘bearded gentleman’ looks – Beard Oil. Readily available for years & years we’ve had beard specific combs, beard trimmers with plenty of attachments to … [Read more…]

Wear Your Tuxedo Like Bond

1. Shoulder fit is crucial. It’s worth sacrificing a little comfort to have a fitted look. Big and loose is not for formal attire. 2. Your coat sleeves should be slightly shorter than your shirt sleeves to allow for a touch of shirt cuff to be exposed as your hands are by your side. Never … [Read more…]

Deep Blue Deep Star 1000 Dive Watch

The old cliche “imitation is the fondest form of flattery” certainly applies in the watch world. The less expensive brands and smaller manufacturers frequently borrow from the upper tier. Where some might feel that copying design is poor practice, I do not agree. Luxury items are expensive. Watches are a timeless instrument that all should … [Read more…]