Ultimate Tips on Dressing for The Casino

How to dress for the casino?

I love this question.

The thought of a casino immediately summons up one of two images. Image one is James Bond, super rich Russian oligarchs and the unimaginably wealthy throwing around their cash at a whim. Image two is something like a scene from the Hangover movie in Las Vegas, Hawaiian shirts aplenty. Often the movies or people’s perceptions from television serve as the only references to the dress code of the casino, the reality is in fact a little different.

American and Australian casinos seem somewhat of a hangout for the XXXXXL Hawaiian shirt brigade where you can wander in to and fro, online casino’s just require a laptop and whatever clothes you like.

With these two different scenarios in mind let’s concentrate on what we really want to speak about. You can pay a visit to the casino during the daytime or night time, in the day time you can dress as you please. The ‘general admission’ areas are for tourists that are merely interested in seeing the casino, maybe dropping $10 in the slots and having a bite to eat, but I’m guessing you want some better advice than that.

Let’s imagine then that you’re going to a European casino in the evening, to play a game of poker, hit the jackpot and take this year’s Miss World back to your penthouse suite. This is usually the image conjured by most men going to the casino.

Lets first get the stereo typical image out of the way; This is how all men imagine they should dress for the casino, sometimes this will work but usually only at special events such as when the F1 is in town and entry is restricted or perhaps if Bulgari or Dolce and Gabbana are hosting an evening. And let’s be honest, it’s a little boring and predictable.

Why do I suggest this? You want to go to the casino to feel good about yourself and to experience something that you don’t do every week, so make an effort and feel great. These outfits by Tom Ford are great examples of how to dress better for men at the casino.

Realistically though, in a modern environment you can get away with a smart casual look. If you don’t think this would cut it then just have a quick search on trip advisor and the dress code for casino’s many people who visit casinos tend to overdo it in the fear that the place will be strewn with tuxedo’s – it’s much more relaxed these days. Typically a suit with an open collared shirt will do it, add a tie if you want to step up the formality a little. In truth though the tuxedo and bow tie look has fallen from general favour, unless of course you’re attending a special event at the casino.

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