Pulling off Loud, Colourful & Crazy Socks


It seems to be an ever increasing trend, adding color to an outfit. But many men struggle with the when and how.

I firmly believe that your overall appearance is rooted in your underlying confidence. So for those of you who are unsure of where to add that bit of spark as a first step, your socks is a great place to start.

As you can see from the picture above no matter the footwear, socks can add that bit of personality, and connection to other areas of your outfit.


Colorful socks can add a low friction and affordable way to spruce up your wardrobe, but how should / could YOU do it?

I’m pretty flamboyant in the sock game, so pretty much ALL the time for me! But there are times when the occasion calls for a more professional tone.

In my line of work I have many meetings with other professionals. If I’m going into a traditional law firm, then the old rules apply, with my socks and suit color matching. This is especially elegant, as it creates a clean line from the trouser to the shoe, but we are talking about color here!

As sneakers are more sporty and casual in nature that can be the best first step.

It can also present an opportunity to jump into a trend like camo prints seen in the last picture, paired with a gold sneaker.

Once you’re comfortable with adding that spot of color with some sneakers, you cane more onto some more formal dress shoes….


Are struggling with knowing what colors go with what..? I usually think about what “looks good” and what impression you’re trying to project. The more eccentric, the more shocking you may want to be, etc…

Still a miss? A color wheel can be an invaluable tool in your closet, or even better this web based color wizard can do the trick! You just add the color you would like to “match”, and it spits outs it complements along a number of different parameters…fun stuff!

(My final comment here is to give a word of warning and not be a total dick head! If you’re part of a grooms party this summer, don’t be “that guy” in every group shot with neon green socks on, let the bride and groom do the talking not your flash of green “inspiration”… Again there is a time a place, say the bachelor party!)



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