To Beard or Not To Beard

From the first cavemen to stamp the earth to the hipsters strolling the suburban sidewalks, beards are a rite of passage and not just a lazy man’s accident. Brush up on these grooming tips to turn that grizzly growth into a stylish trademark.

Regardless of whether you’re taking style cues from the likes of Sophocles or Yosemite Sam, a beard can make one hell of a first impression. Feared, worshipped or lusted after, the humble beard can invoke the most intriguing of responses from strangers – from irrepressible reaching to gasps of awe. Ensure yours is being noticed for all the right reasons by tending to your growth with the kind of loving care you’d give to a freshly poured schooner of beer.

The basic tenets of beard grooming suggest that you keep things simple and sophisticated. Just like your hairstyle, choose a beard style that suits the shape of your face. Those with an oval shape can keep the hair shorter on the chin and longer on the sides, while those with a square face can opt for a full beard to soften their look, and round faces can steer more angular growth. The recommended beard line has trended downwards in recent years, now landing about halfway between the chin and the Adam’s apple, and easing subtly from beard to stubble to skin.

A quality toolkit will also help keep the trimming task manageable, so invest in a good razor, an electric trimmer with different lengths and facial hair scissors to trim wayward whiskers. Frequent shampooing can actually harm your precious growth (lazy beard-wearers, rejoice!) so give it a clean once a week and opt for a special beardwash rather than harsh chemicals, which may damage the hairs. A bottle of beard oil will also help keep that bushy beard looking decidedly dapper.

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