Wear Your Tuxedo Like Bond

1. Shoulder fit is crucial. It’s worth sacrificing a little comfort to have a fitted look. Big and loose is not for formal attire.

2. Your coat sleeves should be slightly shorter than your shirt sleeves to allow for a touch of shirt cuff to be exposed as your hands are by your side. Never judge your sleeve length by raising your arms in front of you (unless, of course, you’re planning on walking around like that).

3. Tuxedo trousers are never cuffed.

4. Tuxedo trousers should have a slight break on top of the shoe. You don’t want your socks showing, but you also don’t want your pants dragging on the ground or bunching up on top of your shoes and looking sloppy.

5. Cuff links are formal jewelry and should always be worn on your tuxedo shirt.

6. Tapered tuxedo shirts allow for a more tailored appearance when the jacket is removed.

7. Wing tip shirt collars are more formal than a laydown collar. However, either may be worn with a bow tie.

8. Shirt collars are intended to fit snug at the neck. A loose collar looks sloppy and tends to make your tie appear farther

9. Patent shoes are the finest way to finish the look of your tuxedo. They’re formal. Without them, its like a fancy car with plain tires instead of shiny rims. Patent shoes complete the look.

10. The breast pocket on your tuxedo jacket is there for a reason – and it’s not a flower. It’s made for a pocket square. Jackets look empty without one.

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