Neowave ED Treatment – No Doctors, No Pills, No Injections!

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a widespread problem, yet for many men it is intensely embarrassing. The causes of are many, and it’s not true that it only happens to older men. Age does impact on sexual performance.

As men age, so the hormone that inspires our sex drive and helps create erections slows down in production terms. In younger men, ED can come about for a variety of reasons – smoking influences it, for example, as does a poor diet and excess alcohol.

What’s the answer? We want to tell you about Neowave, so let’s start by explaining what it is, and then we’ll talk about how it works.

What is Neowave?

Neowave is a portable shockwave therapy machine for ED treatment. There is a helpful video on the website that goes into more detail about how it works.

Neowave is a non-intrusive way of treating ED and revitalizing your sex life. ED affects not only you, but also your sexual partner, and can have a devastating effect on a relationship.

Neowave is portable, personal, and easy to use. What are the benefits?

  • No doctors’ visits needed
  • No repeat expense for pills
  • Non-intrusive and painless
  • No downtime after use
  • The most cost-effective ED treatment.

Of course, the main benefit is that it will restore your ability to get an erection, and it will allow you to enjoy a great sex life once again. The knock-on effect of this is greater self-confidence, and a smoother and more enjoyable relationship. So, how does Neowave work?

How Does Neowave Work?

Neowave uses acoustic wave technology, a ground breaking method of treating not only ED but many other problems and ailments.

The Neowave device produces low-intensity shockwaves. These penetrate the skin and increase blood flow. The procedure also has the effect of helping build new capillaries and increasing cell growth.

Each of the above are important in producing an erection. You will also find your stamina improved, and it can be used to help those with Peyronies’ disease, in which the penis becomes misshapen.

Neowave is clinically approved, entirely safe, and just three short treatments can improve your sexual performance. Notably. Is this the answer for you?

Is Neowave the Answer for Me?

As with all treatments and procedures, Neowave may not do the job for everyone. Yet, 93% of users report success after the recommended 12 full sessions, and many say it begins to work after just three short sessions per week.

Neowave has been subject to more than 40 clinical trials. As there is no invasion of the body in any way – only gentle contact is required – and it is entirely painless.

The Neowave device comes with full instructions as to usage, and you will be amazed how simple it is to use.

We recommend that, before you try yet another supplement or bottle of pills, you check out Neowave in detail, as this is next generation technology with a 93% success rate – it doesn’t get much better than that!

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