Top 4 Shoes To Wear With Every Suit Color

Suits are full of joy. They are the sartorial equivalent of a baby’s smile. If you’ve watched How I Met Your Mother, you would have come across that quote from Barney Stinson. And he’s right; suits are indeed full of joy.

A good suit is not only about the coat, pants and tie. It also comes with a matching pair of shoes to complement and finish off the outfit altogether.

While there are many different colors men’s suits come in for whatever occasion, there are also as many colors and styles for shoes. 

On most, if not all, occasions, you would want to look around for a couple of nice men’s dress shoes that have a wide range of shades and colors. However, not all shoes and suits look good together – and that’s where we come in.

In this article, we’ll show you the best men’s leather shoes that will match four of the most common suit colors out there.

What Goes With Blue Suits?

Before getting any further, it’s essential to know that most shoes come in dark colors. Common colors are black, brown, and maroon or darker wine-colored. In this case, any of those three will fit a blue suit just perfectly.

What’s more important in this scenario is choosing what color to use. Different colors mean different things. For example, darker shades represent more formality, and lighter ones can convey a lighter, less formal mood.

What Goes With Brown Suits?

Brown is another popular suit color for events like parties and significant milestones. So if you’re looking at a pair of oxford shoes to go with this color of the suit, it’s a good decision to get one of a matching shade.

A brown suit goes well with shoes of the same tone. A full-on brown outfit might look quite tacky in one’s head, but in reality, it’s a great pairing, and you cannot go wrong with it.

What Goes With Black Suits?

When it comes to suits, the first choice of color one would think of will no doubt be black. It’s arguably the most common yet the most striking one. It presents a level of formality that no other color can match.

With that claim, black suits only look good with black shoes. It doesn’t matter what kind of shoe you choose, even if it’s an old pair of men’s exotic skin shoes you have at home. Black on black is a color pairing you definitely cannot go wrong with.

What Goes With Gray Suits?

Last but not least, gray suits. They provide a nice in-between area for both formality and a bit of personality. Thus, it makes it a very versatile suit not just to wear but for choice of shoe color.

All the shoe colors mentioned in this article – black, brown, and wine or maroon colored will do just fine with a gray suit. At the end of the day, it’ll all come down to personal preference with this one.

Final Thoughts

Suits are cool. They’re very fashionable and, if you wear them right, can definitely make a statement anywhere you go. While some types of clothes aren’t meant for most people, suits can fit everyone.

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