Beard Oil: Is it Necessary?

The bearded man has been in fashion a lot longer than we realise, the reason beards are getting more and more limelight, the reason we’re seeing more sportsman & celebrities latest ‘bearded gentleman’ looks – Beard Oil.

Readily available for years & years we’ve had beard specific combs, beard trimmers with plenty of attachments to style your beard the way you want but the game changer to shaking off that ‘hobo’ look is indeed the introduction of beard oil.

Is It Really Necessary?

No, of course not, if you prefer the wild man of the North look then stop reading now, this won’t be for you, let those curly locks flow! If, however, you’re more of the Modern Day Gentleman then yes, Beard Oil is necessary, let’s take a trip and find out why.

First & foremost, the use of beard oil promotes healthy growth of your beard. Beard Oil isn’t a magical formula that will guarantee faster growth, or fill in those patchy areas, it’s a common misconception. What it can do for you though is create a healthy environment that can allow you to hit your own genetic maximum beard potential.

Beard Oil

The reason it can help you reach your bearded potential? Beard Oils are stuffed full of the most organic and all-natural ingredients. Do you currently use a beard oil? Grab it and take a look at some of the ingredients, listed will be oils like jojoba, grapeseed, almond, arjun & coconut – these are all essential oils that can work wonders for the strength, softness and general health of your hair, and the skin below making it vital you get the best beard oil for your skin.

I’m sure any beardsman has pondered what shape there skin is in below that fantastic beard you’ve spent months growing, I know I have. The hydration from all of those essential oils will, as we said, keep your beard healthy, but also your skin. It’s not easy to get regular moisturisers onto your skin under a thick beard, but oil is a different concept altogether. It will easily seep through your beard and give your skin some much needed attention, which will in turn prevent the dreaded flakey beard, which is essentially beard dandruff, no one wants that.

So, if you take all those health benefits into account and couple them with the scent the essential oils leave on your beard, it’s a no brainer. Many beard oils provide the added benefit of smelling good. This is made possible by the addition of essential oils. The fragrances that these oils emit are considered masculine in nature, some of which include citrus, cedarwood, peppercorn, and sandalwood. If you love to smell just as good as you look, then think of beard oil as cologne.

Beards are generally speaking, on the rise, and they have been for a long while now. Beard Oil is a masculine excuse to keep both your hair and skin healthy, something that isn’t necessary but hugely recommended.

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