What’s Hiding Under Your Coat?

Ho ho ho, merry Christmas!

Ah, don’t you just love Christmas and the holiday spirit! Everything seems so much more jolly, warm and wonderful during the holiday season than it does throughout the year – from social gatherings and great gifts, to feasts with your friends and family, to the amazing winter fashion… I love it!

Didn’t you notice how winter gives you plenty of opportunity to look your best and do all kinds of wonderful things for yourself? Sure, style and self-love should be a constant of life, regarding of the season, but it’s somehow easier to pull off a fashion statement with a Russian beret on and an amazing, Versace-cut coat, isn’t it!

I am laying out some ground rules of looking good in winter and you be a good student and try to follow:

Stay Warm

No matter how silly this may sound, it’s a thing most people forget attempting to look chic around holidays and throughout the winter season. When the temperature drops, the first thing to think about is your comfort and, believe it or not, despite having the tendency to give you that feared boxy look, winter cuts and materials are actually working to your benefit. How so? From leather to fur to layers of knits, leather boots and wonderful coats and overcoats, the winter style is literary gracing you with the abundance of awesome.


Try The Chunky Knits

If you’ve been following the trends, and I know you have, you’ve seen how popular chunky nits have been! A tailored jean and a chic chunky knit (colors dominating the chunky trend are deep green, emerald, royal blue, ocher and gray), will turn a lot of heads.

Colorful Fur

What’s absolutely trending this season is all variations of colorful fur! From yellow, white and brown to grey and black… you name it! Of course we aren’t talking about natural fur! Why? First, because we love the animals, second because we are big supporters of eco fashion!

Minimal Layers Are Cool

Layered looks may be tricky to master, no matter how popular they are. With layered clothes, you are running the risk of looking haplessly put together. Luckily, you can still look stylish in minimal layers – simply invest in cashmere knits, quality merino or warm coats and jackets and you are ready to go!

Statement Coats Are Everything

A good, high-quality coat will always make a statement as long as you chose the right fit for your body shape. Colors range from bright to dark, or some interesting prints. Wear your coat over a basic cold-weather outfits to really take it from zero to hero.


High Necklines For The Chic Feel

Covering up is not only the trick to keep you warm, but it’s also the trick to stay super stylish. Embrace a range of high necklines from button-up shirts to turtleneck tops and stay cozy and stylish.

Winter Accessories

Upgrade your look with long gloves, hats, beanies and huge scarves. As for jewelry, go with what you’d usually wear although make sure you don’t contrast the outfit with the unfitting jewelry.
Well, hope I was helpful… Enjoy your next outfits as much as you are enjoying that delicious glass of whiskey!

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