9 Necessary Statement Items That Every Man Should Own

Looking for a new style that’s good on your budget, but not sure where to start? To begin with, you need to know that there are certain items that every man should have in his closet that are completely adaptable for any occasion. From going to having a drink with friends to more formal meetings, you should have everyday items in your closet that are easy to pull together.

With the list we are going to provide to you, there is no need to worry about that well-needed shopping trip that you’ve been dreading. Keep reading and you will be able to save a substantial amount of money while having every vital item that every man should have in his fashion arsenal.

Plainly Basic

The first go-to item is definitely the basic, plain crewneck t-shirt. This is an everyday item that can be matched with jeans for a casual look, or paired with a navy blazer, dress shoes, and chinos for a more sophisticated look. V-neck shirts apply here as well. Basic in nature, they are versatile for any outfit.

Your Everyday Hoodie


Let’s get real; you will need a hoodie almost every day. For daily duties around the house to running to the grocery store to grab a few items, hoodies are just a must-have. Make sure you have a hoodie made from quality material, that’s plain in color and patterns, and that is able to match multiple outfits.

It’s Not a Murse; It’s Your Go-To Bag

Some men aren’t comfortable with having a “man-purse” (commonly known as a murse), but it is important to have a quality bag to get you through many different occasions. It is essential to have a bag that you can use for the gym, staying overnight at a friend’s house, weekend getaways, and road trips.

Those Fitted Jeans Aren’t Only for the Ladies

Every man should own a pair of dark jeans that fit them well. I’m not talking about skinny jeans, but jeans that fit your entire lower body comfortably. Dark jeans can be used for casual wear with a white t-shirt, white sneakers, and a loose button down shirt. They can also be dressed up with a black V-neck, a leather belt, black dress shoes, and a blazer for the ultimate going out ensemble.

Smart and Casual Chinos

What are Chinos? Basically, it’s a new “hip” word for pants that are made from cotton or a cotton blend material. Classic and simple, chinos are an important item for every man’s closet. They can literally go with every item on this list, so mixing and matching outfits are no problem here.


Those Pants Were Made for Dancing

Ok, I don’t mean that you literally have to dance in them, but you do need a pair of nice dress pants that you can wear for fancy outings and meetings. These can be paired with a nice custom fit iTaylor cotton shirt, dress shoes, and a black leather belt.

Keeping Your Trousers in Check

In order to keep your look in tip-top shape, wear a nice looking belt. It’s a great finishing touch to casual and classy outfits. Every man should have a nice black leather belt for formal events and an informal brown belt for everyday wear.

Looking Masculine without Trying Too Hard


A well-fitted blazer will make you look more polished and give you the essence of broad shoulders with a narrow waist. Sticking with a plain colored blazer (navy being an ideal choice) will give the versatility of mixing and matching to make multiple outfits for social and professional events.

Your Feet Need Style Too

Having the right pair of shoes on will describe your style and personality to others. For most people, shoes are the first thing that draws their attention to the rest of an outfit and can even influence the way they view you. So, make sure you give a good first impression by wearing the right pair of shoes.

  • Every man needs to own a pair of simple sneakers. Either classic white high-tops or low-top plain converse sneakers are ideal for looking comfortable or to add that perfect end touch to semi-casual styles.
  • Dress shoes are important for every man to have. Used for social outings or professional meetings, these shoes are a must. Make sure to buy a quality brand and to properly maintain them, so this investment can last for years to come.

Your next shopping trip should bring great results with this easy checklist of every item you should have in your closet. Being stylish, well-organized, and cost effective, these items will make your style effortless and elegant.

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