Practical Wedding Ring Ideas for Modern Men

In the past, it wasn’t as common for men to wear a wedding ring as it is now. Today, most couples get bands for both the bride and the groom. Some men still choose not to wear a ring, as do some women. You might not be a jewellery person or feel like it’s impractical to wear it every day. However, if you do want to wear one but you’re not sure if you can, there are solutions to your problem. Many people have jobs or lifestyles where wearing a ring wouldn’t be practical or might be unhygienic. If you’re one of them, you don’t have to forego wearing a ring altogether. Consider one of these other options instead.

Tungsten Rings

The most popular metal for wedding bands is gold. Many people still choose yellow gold, although some couples go for white gold. Others might select the more expensive platinum or perhaps a cheaper silver. Tungsten is an alternative metal you could consider if you work with your hands. It’s a popular choice for men’s wedding rings, due to being tough and maybe a bit more masculine than gold. Tungsten doesn’t scratch easily and it doesn’t tarnish either. However, because it’s so strong, it can’t be resized. It might also present a problem if you ever need to have it cut off in hospital, but that might not be a scenario you ever need to consider.

Silicone Rings

Silicone is another practical material which also has the bonus of being incredibly inexpensive. If you want something that’s cost-effective and you can wear all the time, a silicone ring could be for you. Just because they’re not made of fancy metal, it doesn’t mean they have to be boring. For example, Enso Rings sells lots of different colours and designs. They’re useful for anyone who works with their hands or lives a particularly active lifestyle. And if you lose it, you won’t have to pay a lot to replace it. Some people might feel that it doesn’t have the same sentimental value, but that’s a matter of opinion.



Wooden Rings

Some people choose to have their wedding band made from wood. You can get a great finish on your ring, and they’re often environmentally friendly too. If you’re allergic to metal or think silicone might feel a bit cheap, a wooden ring is a good alternative. One of the things you need to consider is how long your ring will last. It’s difficult to tell how long it will survive, although it will last longer if you look after it. If you don’t ever want to replace it, it’s best to consider something else.

Ring Alternatives

If you don’t like any alternative ring options, you might still want to wear a symbol of your marriage. There are other items you could have if you don’t want to wear a ring at all. You could wear a leather bracelet or necklace, or tuck something into your wallet. Try an engraved wallet card or even a tattoo if you’re feeling brave.

Gold bands aren’t the only wedding ring available. If they’re not for you, there are always alternatives.

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