Wake Up Mindful Without Allowing Your Subconscious To Make Decisions For You

A person’s intentions have everything to do with his or her underlying motivations. There is a difference between unconscious impulses and more precise, conscious decisions. A disconnect lies between these two, and both are controlled by different centers within the brain. Unconscious impulses are controlled by the lower brain, while conscious decisions are made using the pre-frontal cortex.

Much of a person’s behavior and decisions stem from unconscious activity within the brain. Did you know there are ways to help you connect your conscious thinking to your unconscious mind? It is this type of connection that helps you stay safe, and it also helps you in terms of self-identity and self-awareness.

The lower and upper levels of the brain need this type of connection in order for you to be properly in touch with your emotions. You would additionally accomplish approaching stressful situations with a much better mindset, allowing you to have much better responses. In service to others, you always want to be mindful of people and their situations, and you want to be compassionate.

The Clarity Clinic advise you follow these steps when you wake up each morning:

  1. Sit up on your bed and relax your body and posture. With your eyes closed, try making a connection with your body in its current state. Be sure to keep your spine straight, but maintain a relaxed posture.
  2. Take a few deep breaths, and then resume your normal breathing. In this relaxed state, pay attention to your breathing with appreciation, without letting your mind wander.
  3. Question yourself regarding today’s intentions and activities. What do you plan to accomplish?

How can you make a positive impact on people’s lives today?

How can you strengthen your mind and resolve?

How can you care for yourself better?

During stressful situations, how can you be more compassionate toward others?

How can you get more fulfillment out of life today?

What changes can you make to stay encouraged?

Set goals for the day regarding these checkpoints. Tell yourself how you plan to be more patient, more compassionate, and kinder toward others. Persevere throughout your day, reminding yourself about these goals. The more conscious you are about communicating and the actions you take, the more you are going to relate to others in a positive way. You can have a positive impact on the lives of those around you if you focus on conscious decision-making vs relying on your nature at its current state.

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