Unique & Fashionable Birthday Gifts She’ll Adore

Unless you’ve got a crystal ball stashed away for emergencies behind your books and that hefty collection of Star Wars accessories, you’ll probably never be able to buy your girl a present she’ll love. That is – you won’t unless you consult the experts (read: us).

This is your lucky day; we’re determined to make this presents-buying-fuss far less frustrating than it popularly is, and offer a few amazing tips on buying gifts she’ll adore. No drama or wonder, just keep on reading…

A Weekend Away

No woman ever has rejected or grinned to a pre-paid weekend away and yours won’t either. There’s something so remarkable and thoughtful about getting her tickets for a weekend away, and yet – so romantic and exotic at the same time. She’ll love every second of it, no doubt there.

Naturally, you’ll want to be the perfect gentlemen and show her your awesomeness by acting selflessly. How? Even though you’ve bought two tickets for her and yourself, give her the option of using it with someone else – her mom, best friend, favorite cousin, whoever. That way, she’ll know you are all about unconditional love and support, and she’ll melt! If she chooses you as her companion – even better. You’ll make an amazing birthday memory of it.

A Shopping Spree

Everything about a shopping voucher is fabulous, so make sure you cough up the cash!

She’ll feel like a movie star if she’s given the option to go browse through boutiques and treat herself to something nice without having to worry about the money. Naturally, if you don’t have that big of a budget, set a limit to her birthday voucher – that’s okay, too. The most important thing is that she realizes you care by understanding her need to shop and look great. It’s so exciting!

If, however, you want to go an extra mile, you can always buy her a piece of clothing yourself. For instance, if your bae is a fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she’s then probably flipping over the LA Kardashian-promoted fashion. The easiest way to find the it outfit to buy her is to base your choice on dresses online the Kardashians wear; browse through online and regular boutiques until you find the right match. Don’t sweat just yet – they’ve popularized a particular dress code so much so that it’s pretty easy to find a Kardashian-like outfit at very affordable prices.

A Makeup Course

If your girlfriend’s been obsessing about makeup recently, browsing through YouTube makeup tutorials and religiously following Mario Dedivanovic, you know what to do – pay her a makeup course to attend and learn all the makeup tricks in the trade. These courses tend to be a bit more expensive but if she’s really into it, the money shouldn’t be a problem. You want your doll to be happy, don’t you?

A Pampering Session & Spa

A favorite among all other favorites is always a pampering session at her favorite salon and/or spa center. Girls love their salon visits, especially if they’re feeling overworked and constantly tired. The magic of a salon visit restores her faith into feeling pretty again and a spa session relaxes her to a point she’ll give up anything just for a few extra moments in the spa room.

Book your girl a session that includes several little gifts – a facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, hairdresser, a detox session… whichever treatment you know she’ll love. If you’re unsure about what to choose, consult with the cosmetician at the salon. They’ll know best what to go for. There’s always a third option – a gift voucher! Go with a particular sum that will allow for several treatments combined and let her choose. She’ll love it!

Choose wisely, friend; you don’t want your doll disappointed on her birthday, do you? Fright not, though. With the advice above – you’re in the clear.

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