Travel Tips for The Modern Gentleman

The world is your oyster, and it is only right that you should stretch your legs and explore everything this life and its world have to offer.

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Wherever we go in life there are rules to follow and customs to be adhered to, and this is especially true when exploring the planet’s farther reaches. You don’t want an adventure to turn into a calamity, so there are some basic steps you should take to make sure you are getting the most from your travels, but not more than you bargained for.

Here are our top travel tips for the modern gentleman, so you can ensure you stay cool, calm and collected no matter where in the world you find yourself.

Know How to Dress with Consideration to the Locals

The types of dress people typically wear vary wildly from one spot on the globe to another, so it is worth investigating a destination a little before you go there. Dressing like a local is not the objective, however, as this is often uncomfortable for everyone concerned and can be considered to be offensive.

There may be sartorial expectations you should follow, while also dressing as yourself. Some areas stray from men wearing shorts, for example, or showing their feet in sandals or beach shoes. Beach wear may also be a concern you should explore. Be sure you are aware of the level of modesty that is expected of you if you are going to the pool or the beach.

Always Drink Responsibly, Especially When Abroad

Having the time to enjoy a drink or two is often one of the major benefits of taking a trip to another country. Your leisure time on foreign soil will often be regularly punctuated by a refreshing beverage that may well contain some alcohol. It is important to drink in moderation, however, and be sure you maintain your composure while so far away from home.

It is also a good idea to take a few home comforts with you too, in case the local refreshments aren’t up to standard and you need a taste of home one evening. I always travel with a Gordon’s Pink Gin miniature for an emergency gin and tonic. If I find myself somewhere that abstains from alcohol, with something as simple as gin, I can usually rustle up a tonic and a lemon and still enjoy my evening.

Respect is a Universal Language

Wherever you go and whatever you do, you should respect others and their culture and traditions. By doing so you are respecting yourself. Make sure you follow local law and customs, and show respect and appreciation to staff in hotels, restaurants and bars.

Too many travellers take the people who live in the places they visit for granted, and don’t appreciate their status as guests in their home. You should always be respectful to people, even if there is a problem, and remember that you are often representing your country when you interact with them.

When globetrotting, it is important to remember to respect and appreciate the people and the culture we are visiting. We not only represent ourselves abroad, but also our country and one another, so make sure you travel as a gentleman.

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