Top Quality Twine and Rope for Agriculture and Industry

There are some items used across the world that are universally necessary, and you may be surprised to find that twine is one of them. Used in agriculture for bailing, and in industry for wrapping – as well as in many other areas of industry and commerce – twine has certain requirements when it comes to daily usage. It needs to be strong, for a start, but what else do you expect of quality wrapping twine that you can rely on?

The following qualities are necessary if twine is to be used to the best effect:

  • Highly strong, very light
  • Smooth so as not to snag
  • Able to know tightly
  • Automated wrapping machine compatible

Now all of that should be obvious, but it’s all to easy to simply choose the cheapest wrapping twine in  the business and expect it to the job. The wrapping twine that you might want to look at comes from a company called Asia Dragon, a leading player in the business of providing twine and polypropylene rope to industrial, agricultural and commercial clients across the world, and one with a reputation for excellent service and well-developed, top quality products.

This wrapping twine is available in a wide variety of sizes and is designed for seamless and smooth usage in automated wrapping machines, and the prices are very reasonable given the quality of the product.

PP Rope Supplies

Also available is a selection of high quality, popular and widely used combination rope which features all the properties you would expect from a product designed to be very versatile. The Asia Dragon combination rope – and there are a section of varieties – is used variously in the following areas:

  • Hand lines
  • Tree rope for arborists
  • Bull rope
  • Commercial fishing
  • Scaffold lines
  • Mooring lines
  • Ladder rope
  • Barge lines

It can be bought in a wide range of diameters – from 3/16ths of an inch up to 2-inches, and is made from a combination of polypropylene and polyester for the very best in strength and versatility. This rope is designed to be resistant to corrosion by petroleum products and also most chemicals, and is UV resistant so suitable for use outdoors. It is also abrasion resistant, which is perfect for the use it will be put to in industrial and agricultural circles.

Quality Products

Asia Dragon has a commitment to supplying the best quality products  across its range – in addition to the wrapping twine and PP rope they also supply agricultural bailing twine, various other ropes and pull tape, all to worldwide destinations – and has been in the business for several years now. As one of the top suppliers of twine and rope, you can rely on Asia Dragon to supply the goods as requested, as they do for many satisfied repeat customers across the world.

If you want to find out more, why not check out the website, get in touch, and one of the team will be more than happy to help.

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