Top 5 Gifts For the Modern Man on Your Anniversary

If you’re looking to wow your guy on your anniversary, it’s time to think beyond the old standards — sock and ties, no matter how fancy, aren’t exactly the most romantic gifts. Instead, try out one of these unique presents that he’ll use forever.

An elegant decanter: Nothing helps melt away the stress of a hard day like a stiff drink, and nothing makes booze more beautiful than an elegant decanter. If your guy likes to unwind with a nice scotch, buy him his favorite bottle and a stylish crystal decanter to display it in.

A great set of headphones: Listening to a great album or podcast is a terrific way to decompress, and who could use a little relaxation more than your hardworking significant other? Grab a pair of headphones — from Bose if your guy is traditional, Beats by Dre if he’s trendy— they’re a practical gift your dude will use for years to come.

Tickets to an event: Whether your guy is into baseball or ballet, giving them tickets for a favorite event will show just how much you care and how much attention you’ve been paying during your pillow talk sessions. Even better, if you go to an event he loves, he’ll be way more willing to check out those movies and museums you’ve been trying to get him to visit with you.

A gourmet gift basket: If your dude is a foodie, impress him with a basket of his favorite treats. We’re not talking about your standard box of cookies here — go all out with fresh fruit, imported cheese, truffle oil, sea salt, and a nice bottle of wine. Not only will the assortment of gourmet goods look great in your home, if you’re extra lucky, he might even share a few bites with you.

A fancy pen: Your guy likely signs his John Hancock on documents multiple times a day, making a beautiful pen a gift that’s both thoughtful and useful. Mont Blanc makes beautiful writing instruments that never go out of style, while Cross carries countless customizable pens.

Make this anniversary extra special buy getting your guy a thoughtful gift he’ll love and actually use — he may just repay the favor.

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