The Ultimate Guide To Bachelor Pad Decor

It doesn’t matter whether you have only recently moved into your new pad, or whether you simply want to give your long established humble abode a facelift, there are some simple ways you can give your home a makeover. Even if you don’t have a flair for interior design or you’d rather get a team in to do all of the hard graft, you can still impart your personality and individuality onto your dwelling. Apartments, cottages, and houses can all be given a fresh new look by utilising some nifty interior design tricks. Take a look at how you can revolutionise your interior by following this ultimate guide to bachelor pad decor.

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If your home doesn’t quite meet your lifestyle requirements, you can alter the configuration and room layout. Knock down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room to create a larger and more open plan space. This makes your dwelling much more inviting for guests and can be the perfect party pad or entertaining space for when you hold dinner parties or soirees. If you love natural light, install some skylights into your new open plan eating space a brighter finish.

It is often the upstairs of a property that can do with the most tweaking in terms of layout. If your bedrooms are a little poky, consider knocking through to create larger spaces. If your budget won’t allow this structural redesign, focus on how to create space in a tiny bedroom by whitewashing the walls, looking into clever storage solutions and placing mirrors on the walls to bounce natural light around the space. An ottoman bed with under mattress storage is ideal for those smaller rooms.


Think about the sort of look you want to emulate in your pad. Are you keen on the homely style? Do you want a sleek and modern design? Or are you one of the many fans of all things vintage and retro? The chances are that you might want to combine one or two different styles. Vintage Scandinavian teak furniture is seeing a resurgence. Antique shops, eBay and local house clearance firms often have an abundance of G-Plan, Ercol and Meredew sideboards, coffee tables and chairs for you to peruse. Mid century pieces are still relatively cheap and considerably better quality than the new mass produced furniture on offer in department stores. You can be a little more unique and quirky with a rare Nathan cocktail cabinet in the corner of your living room.

Go for function over form. While the chaise longue may look awesome kitted out in a leatherette finish, it might be hard and uncomfortable, and never ever get used. Opt for the recliners instead and enjoy living in your dwelling.


While you might be keen to paint your walls white and be done with it, you need to consider what you are going to put up on your walls to break up the starkness. If you love photography, think about whipping up some black and white landscape shots of the local area. For street art lovers, why not pick up some kooky Banksy canvas prints to place over your fireplace. Alternatively, you might want to give your own Jackson Pollock artwork a go by picking up some cheap canvases from your local art shop and going paint splatter crazy.

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For a touch of luxury, you will want to add some texture to your living room and bedrooms. Colourful throws, a mixture of materials and elegant cushions can really finish off an interior design look. To match your vintage pieces, you might want to capture a 1960s inspired geometric design for your drapery. Perhaps you want to go monotone and source black velvet throws for your sofas to contrast with your white walls. It doesn’t matter the sort of colour palette you adore, you can use your fabrics to create the look you desire.

If you’re keen on wooden floorboards, don’t forget to source a rug or two to break up the space. Shag pile, sheepskin and vintage Persian inspired patterns can bring a room to life. Auction houses are often the best source for older, antique rugs that may have cost thousands to buy originally.

When you are considering the decor and style of your bachelor pad, don’t overthink your plans and ensure that you stick within your design budget. Go with what you like and enjoy experimenting with colour, texture, and layout. By following this guide, you will end up with your perfect bachelor pad.

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