The Top 5 Luxury Must-Haves of the Modern Man

Women may have the upper hand when it comes to luxury goods, with everything from jewelry to shoes catering primarily to a female audience, but that doesn’t mean dudes are completely out of luck when it comes time to treat themselves. In order to have the kind of life you’ve always wanted, you have to look, live, and even drive the part — and we’ve got just the items that will help you get there.

A Statement Watch

Your phone may serve as your main clock these days, but there’s still nothing that beats the look and feel of a beautifully timepiece. A beautiful watch can take an otherwise unimpressive outfit to the next level, adding a dressy element to even the most basic t-shirt and jeans ensemble. While Rolexes, both new and those of the vintage variety, always make a statement, you can also amp up your arm game with a demure, yet masculine piece from Tag Heuer or Paul Smith.

A Great Car

Long gone are the days of borrowing the family minivan for a trip to the movies — now that you’re a grown-up, you should have a grown-up car. A speedy little muscle car, like a Ford Mustang or Dodge Challenger, is a great option if you’re not toting many passengers around with you, while the newer SUVs on the market have all the amenities you want, like heated leather seats and killer sound systems in addition to plenty of room for other essentials, like pets, friends, and camping gear. Do you want to have great driving skills as well? Take some driving lessons at for your professional driving needs!

A Hot Home

The best money you’ll ever spend is on your luxury home, so make sure that you’re picking one that speaks to your particular preferences, whether you love to entertain or need outdoor space where you can kick back. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find the perfect place right away — just like true love, it may take time, but it’s well worth the wait.

A Suit That Really Fits

Even if you don’t work in the kind of environment where suits are required, it never hurts to have one that fits like a glove hanging in your closet. From weddings to interviews, you never know when having a great suit will come in handy, so buy yourself one that you love and don’t be afraid to get it tailored — you’ll stand taller, look better, and feel more confident knowing your clothes fit you just right.

Latest Smartphone

Smartphones are as big a part of most of our everyday lives as oxygen at this point. Getting the best phone on the market can be a real game-changer, meaning you can work on the go, stay on top of breaking news, entertain yourself, and keep in touch with friends and family around the world. If your current phone is a hunk of junk, or just doesn’t have the functionality you need, make like Beyoncé and upgrade.

Whether you’re getting a new watch or a new home, don’t be afraid to splurge a little — hard work shouldn’t go unrewarded, after all.

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