The Main Cause of Male Pattern Hair Loss

It’s something that can be surprisingly worrying: you’re a man, washing your hair, and you suddenly notice that you’re getting thinner on top! Is it age, or perhaps stress? Or is it just something that you can’t do nothing about, a natural process that happens to all men? In truth, all of those can be a factor, but the main cause of hair loss in men is something we know as DHT – dihydrotestosterone.

DHT is a by-product of testosterone – often referred to as ‘the male hormone’ – that is produced natural in the body. It’s a very important substance that is powerful in many ways. For example, it’s what makes a man, well, a man during pregnancy. But, DHT can also accelerate hair loss on the head. We say on the head as, curiously, it is also responsible for generating hair growth in other areas. As you can see, like much of the human body’s processes, it’s a complex substance!

Without getting too complex, here’s a quick summary before we talk about what you can do to prevent hair loss: while stress, diet and lifestyle can have an effect on hair loss, it’s more likely to be caused by DHT. So, we need to stop DHT doing that part of its job!

Blocking DHT

How do we stop DHT from causing hair loss? The trick is to block it at the source, and there are a number of proven ways to do this. There are drugs you can take to stop DHT in its tracks. This is your choice, but like many people, you might be averse to taking drugs. An alternative is to use hair loss shampoo, and one such is Professional Strength Hair Restore Shampoo from Hair Restoration Laboratories.

This hair loss shampoo has been carefully researched and developed, and is focused on a special concoction of vitamins, extracts and nutrients, plus many more ingredients, that have been shown to strengthen the hair through maximum nourishment of the follicles. It can also be used by women, and appeals across the board as there has been no animal testing involved in its development, and it is free from any potentially damaging chemicals.

What’s In Professional Strength Hair Restore Shampoo?

The ingredients in this very potent hair loss shampoo make interesting reading, and confirm that a great deal of thought has gone into creating this widely-used, professional level and effective shampoo. Natural products such as Green Tea Extract, which has been shown to help block the enzyme that coverts testosterone to DHT, plus other active compounds including Biotin – a cell growth aid – and Ketoconazole, which serves to stop DHT in its path, are all proven products.

It’s worth checking out the Hair Restoration Laboratories website for the full list of ingredients, and for more information on how Professional Strength Hair Restore Shampoo works. Remember, it’s most likely to be DHT that is causing you to lose your hair, and this is one product you can rely on to strengthen your hair growth, and halt DHT on its path of destruction!


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