The Immense Lifestyle of the Poker Pro

This has got to be one of the best professions out there, being a professional poker player! It just sounds so cool, and there’s good reason for it.


First and foremost, the travelling is incredible. Should you find yourself turning into a big-time player then you’ll want to be at the biggest and best events. The European Poker Tour is the biggest tour available and as you can tell, it’s spread throughout Europe.

They hold events in the Caribbean, Monaco, Prague, Dublin, Malta.. and many more, the list really does go on – your life turns into one big adventure, if you can cope with the inevitable ups and downs that come with the lifestyle that is.

Play Whenever, Wherever

One of the best things about technology is its constantly evolving, this is especially important for the poker pro’s among us. Now, all you need is your laptop and an internet connection and you can play poker online absolutely anywhere – from the top of the Lebua tower in Bangkok to a beach in Miami, you name it, you can play there!


This may surprise a few of you but if you’ve ever seen poker live, you’ll notice some players have certain online poker rooms or casinos stitched onto their tops – yep, they’re sponsored. They get paid to play poker, which if you think about it is a win-win, there is no risk for the sponsored pro which takes a huge amount of stress out of the game and an awful lot of focus into it!

tropical laptop


This is a big one, and possibly, aside from the money, the most important and biggest draw to becoming a poker professional – freedom.

Having the ability to decide not to work today, not being up at 7am and not having to work long hours for someone you don’t even like – that’s one hell of a draw!

It’s one of the things in life we all crave for, nobody wants to be told when, where and how to do something but the majority of us do if we want roofs over our heads. You can have the lifestyle you want should you embark on the poker players journey, stay on the good side of the ‘Poker God’s and you may well hit it big and become happier than you could ever have imagined!

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