The Four Dangers of Mindlessly Following Others in the Casino

You must be aware of the saying, “Monkey see, monkey do”. This statement is most evident across brick-and-mortar casinos where most people mindlessly copy others on the gaming floor. The problem with this chain of thought is there isn’t much thinking involved!

Today, for instance, if you play at the best online casino, it always informs you about responsible gambling, which suggests you to avoid this method.

If you’re losing too much money gambling, this is perhaps one of the basic reasons. We’ve addressed four scenarios where the “Monkey see, monkey do” attitude is dangerous for gamblers. Do any of these observations seem familiar?

Affinity Towards Video Slot Machines

Walk into any casino at any given time and you will find hordes of people stuck in front of slot machines for hours. In fact, chances are you’ll find more people engaged in video slots than all other table games combined. The problem here is video slots are the biggest money-making tool in the casino’s arsenal as they tend to have a higher house edge than most other games.

So why do players still prefer slots? For starters, video slots are easy to play, don’t require much effort, and everyone else seems to be playing. This is exactly the sort of dangerous behavior we’re talking about.

Poor Blackjack Betting Choices

Blackjack is one of those table games that require proper strategizing so you know what’s the best hand to play. Unfortunately, that’s not how the average player makes a decision. Most gamblers rely on superstition or results from previous hands to predict future outcomes and this is where all hell breaks loose.

By relying on such nefarious means, you’re bleeding money with every hand. Instead of trying to copy others on the table, why not learn the basics of blackjack and build your skills from there?

Suckers for American Roulette

For starters, American roulette is probably one of the worst choices at the casino. The additional 00 space on the wheel offers worse RTP than other variations of the game. The standard roulette wheel with 37 spaces offers healthy rewards and adding the extra space is just going to make it worse for the players.

Nonetheless, punters flock at the roulette table like a bear with the scent of honey without realizing the casino holds the upper hand. Even worse, operators would stop offering American roulette if only the gamblers would quit playing. But alas! Monkey see monkey do!

Accepting Poor Video Poker Odds

There are tons of video poker variations on the casino floor, and punters can freely choose from the list depending on their preferred paytable. Video poker is designed to alter the odds depending on how you play the hand. Therefore, strategizing is crucial to boosting your chances of a bigger payout.

Therefore, whenever you play a slightly wrong hand, you end up with lower returns than intended. This is an old video poker strategy that the developers use to limit payouts. Different manufacturers offer different pay tables and players must compare the figures before joining. But that is hardly the case as punters end up accessing the first machine they come across.


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