The 5 Most Popular Superhero Slots of All Time

Most of us grew up reading superhero comics during childhood. And needless to say, certain superheroes hold a special place in our hearts. It’s but natural that gamblers would take a liking towards superhero video slots, some of them also come as bitcoin slots! Keeping that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best video slots from the genre over the years. And you might just take home the jackpot while fighting crime and evil.

Top 5 Superhero-Themed Video Slots of All Time

  1. Batman Begins – Arguably the most popular superhero of all time, there are quite a few titles based on Batman. However, Playtech’s rendition is perhaps the most iconic. The 5-reel title offers 25 paylines with symbols including Bruce Wayne, Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Ducard, and Dr. Crane. The title flaunts five distinct stages and players advance through each as the meter fills up. Expanding wilds, sticky wilds, and duplicating symbols award re-spins and more. Batman Begins is an official part of the DC Universe.
  2. Superman II – Playtech did it again with the Superman franchise, but this time we’ve picked part two from the series. Players must pay close attention to detail as the title’s filled with small details that are easily missed. High-paying characters include Clark Kent, Lois Kane, Ursa, General Zod, and more. The 5-reel video slot with 25 paylines offers a ton of bonus features from picking shields for cash prizes to four progressive jackpots, and more. The three-spin bonus round with 5x multipliers is the game’s highlight.
  3. Green Lantern – Perhaps not as popular as DC’s Batman or Superman franchise, Green Lantern is a household name in its own right. Another fantastic superhero title from Playtech, the 5-reel 3D video slot offers 243 winning combinations and a ton of additional features. Triggering the collapsing Symbols replaces the winning combination with new symbols, which increases the chances of amplifying the winning amount, while additional perks include stacked wilds, free spins, extra wilds, and dynamic multipliers.
  4. Asgard – Before Superman and Batman arrived, people were talking about mythical beings and ancient Gods. RTG’s Asgard is reminiscent of those stories. The title flaunts symbols of Loki, Zeus, Thor, and other superior beings from Norse mythology. And the 5-reel 3-row title offers 243 winning combinations. Perhaps one of the most popular video slots in the genre, Asgard brings a ton of bonuses like wilds, free spins, mystery symbols, multipliers, and more.
  5. RoboCop – You’ve guessed it! Playtech is back at it once again with another popular video slot from the DC Universe. And this time the makers recreated our favorite law-enforcement cyborg from the 80s. RoboCop’s high-paying symbols include a cop car, Delta Corp, RoboCop’s gun, and other popular props from the franchise. This 5-reel slot flaunts 25 paylines and four base game features that are triggered at random. Large wild symbols, extra multipliers, and three free spin bonus rounds are the game’s highlights. The title reruns up to 2,500x your stake.


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