Stylish and Discreet PAX Vaporizers

If you are one of the many people who has turned to vaping either as a substitute for smoking tobacco or simply because you want to vape, you’ll be aware that the market for vaping accessories is one that is growing very fast.

Safer and more socially acceptable than lighting up a cigarette – with no ill-effects for those around you – vaping is something that is very much on trend right now, and the sheer choice of kits, vape oils, herbs and indeed vaporizers on the market means you have a difficult choice.

We can strongly recommend you check out the latest range of UK PAX Vaporizers which are among the most popular round these days, and are made to a high standard with some very neat and innovative designs.

The Original PAX

In fact, in vaping circles the original PAX vaporizer has become something of a design icon, with its simple yet very stylish and elegant design, plus attractive yet subdued looks that are tempered by a discreet approach.

Reliable and compact, and with the ability to allow you to smoke everything from the best dried herbs to your choice of CBD or vape oils, the PAX is the model to have if you want to be the one who has the best vape kit around, and the fact it fits unobtrusively in your pocket is an added bonus.

You may also find that, compared to some other brands – and there are many around – the PAX range is surprisingly affordable, and one that would also make a great gift for your vaping friends. That’s the original PAX – but what about the PAX 2, the latest model in the range?

About the PAX 2

So, PAX paves the way with the original vaporizer, which is still available in a variety of colours and is as popular as ever, and then improves on it with the very neat, equally stylish, reliable and effective PAX 2, which will surely become the model to have.

What’s the difference between PAX 2 and the original? Let’s start with the fact that it is 25% smaller than the original, and also a good bit lighter, making it easy to carry on your person in a pocket or purse.

Then, and this is the main selling point for some, the battery lasts 30% longer on one charge, which means you get much more time to enjoy your favourite vape oils. This very stylish and clever little vaporizer will have your herb, for example, heated to temperature in just 15 seconds, and has lip-sensing technology so it knows when you’re ready to smoke.

Buy the PAX 2 and you get not only the vaporizer, but two top pieces – raised or flat to cater for your preference – plus a magnetic lid, 10 cleaning tools and a 2 year warranty, and all at what can only be described as a very impressive price.

If you’re in the market for a vaporizer, check out PAX and the PAX 2 now, and be the one who sets the trends.



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