Stop Deodorants Staining Your Clothes

Unlike many other cosmetics, deodorants are often one everyday item that is considered just as ‘male’ as it is ‘female’. The market for antiperspirant roll-ons, perfumed body sprays, and other products designed to mask sweaty odours is huge across both genders … except for a couple of key variants. Try and find a specialist deodorant that won’t leave white marks on your best shirt and you’ll be hard-pressed.

Instead, we men must find the best stain removal methods for getting rid of deodorant and do our best to prevent the stains in the first place. Luckily, it’s all pretty straightforward.

Preventing staining

Although it’s always a good idea to know the best stain removal methods for getting rid of deodorant marks, it’s even better if you can stop those stains from appearing in the first place. Here’s some tips:

  • Make sure your armpits are completely dry before applying deodorant. If they are wet or damp, the deodorant will start to clump on the surface of the skin, rather than being absorbed. When you get dressed, these clumps can easily transfer to your clothing, leaving unsightly marks.
  • Read your deodorant packaging before using it. Many deodorants recommend you hold them about 15 cm from your skin for optimal effect. If you hold the can too close to your underarms, you can focus the spray onto too small an area, causing a buildup of residue that leaves a stain.
  • Although many of us always find ourselves in a rush to get out the door, try not to dress too quickly after applying deodorant. If possible, keep your shirt off until the deodorant has had a chance to soak into the skin and dry out as this will reduce the risk of marks on your clothing.

Stain removal tips

Even if we’re armed with the best stain prevention advice, accidents can — and do — happen. That’s why it’s always worth having some clever stain removal tricks up your sleeve for emergencies.

  • If you’re in a hurry, a quick stain removal tip is to use a little water to gently dab the stain until it’s gone. This is often easier with lighter coloured clothing than it is for black clothing. Use a hair dryer to spot dry your shirt before heading out the door, or hold the shirt in front of a fan.
  • If you have more time, the most effective stain removal technique for deodorant stains is a pre-treatment with a good laundry detergent. Either pour on a little liquid, or add some water to a powdered detergent to make a paste. Rinse and wash in the machine.

Why is it all necessary?

While these tips will help you prevent and deal with deodorant stains, there’s still one important question to ask: why is such action, and the use of deodorants, even necessary?

The NHS reports that around 1 million of us don’t carry the ‘smelly gene’, and therefore don’t need to use deodorant, but for the rest of us it’s a different story! It doesn’t help that there’s more fun things to do in Britain today than ever before, so whether it’s going camping, enjoying a refreshing drink in the sun, or visiting a local car show, sweating is likely to happen.

Deodorants help to keep us fresh, dry and sweet-smelling throughout the day so we can enjoy all our favourite activities without worrying about our body odour. Using them might mean risking the odd deodorant stain but with tips on how to prevent these white marks and effective stain removal techniques to follow when they do happen, it needn’t be a major concern.

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