Sports Fan? – 4 Ideas To Turn Your Backyard Into A Fun Playground

Your backyard doesn’t have to be just a place for you to keep your rake, hoes, and lawnmower.

If you play your cards right, you can enjoy a proper game of basketball right behind your house! (And by ‘playing your cards right’ – we aren’t, by any means, encouraging you to take up gambling in order to finance your backyard overhaul. That’s just lest you get the wrong impression.)

Whether it’s the aforementioned game o’ hoops, a European-style football field, or a scenic golf court, your backyard can not only serve you the purpose of playing these sports with your friends, but it can also make it assume its own identity!

Your backyard can become a gathering place for your pals and a spot where some of your fondest memories will take shape.

In this article, we’ll propose to you 4 ideas about how you can turn your backyard into a proper sportsman’s paradise!

Right then, here’s the lot.

4 Ideas To Make Your Backyard a Sporty Venue of Leisure and Healthy Competition

1) Swimming Pool

And not just any pool!

More often than not, swimming pools that people install in their backyards are of a leisurely type, so to speak. They’re made for frolicking around in water and relaxing at the edge of the pool while the rest of your body is submerged.

What we’re talking about, on the other hand, is more of a professional breed of swimming pools – the Olympic ones. These will enable you to do short distance bursts of swimming as well as increase your stamina in one of those marathon-like competitive modes. (You would, of course, need to swim back and forth a bunch of times to get the effect of a large swimming pool, even though you’re in your backyard.)

Of course, if you actually do have a large enough backyard to put a full-sized swimming pool in it – even better!

2) Basketball Court

We’ve all seen at least one film from the nineties about a family with a basketball backboard with a hoop sticking out of their garage. Well, slightly above the garage door, probably.

It’d be safe to say that there is always impetus in your average suburban family to make such a basketball-oriented configuration. But think about this. If you’re willing to compromise your garage for a basketball hoop, what wonders can you accomplish with a spacious backyard!

Whether it’s a half-court sort of situation you’re planning on, or a full-blown basketball court complete with seats for the audience, a backyard can be a perfect place to create a jolly atmosphere of plucky basketball exploits!

3) Golf Course

Alright, this one may be a tad tricky to pull off.

If you want the large-scale thing, that is. As a rule, golf courses are well known for their size, as these sophisticated and carefully kempt playgrounds can span tens of acres on end.

If you do decide to build a golf course, of course, only the sky is the limit! You can create wee hillocks, dig trenches, add foliage, and even build a small pond to make your life more difficult. The possibilities are numerous.

For those of you who like this idea but you’d like to improve your golf game a tad before building a proper course in your backyard, you may want to take some lessons. In order to perfect your game, regular golf swing training sessions may be required until you’re confident enough to compete!

4) Football Field

Correctly called ‘the most important of all the less important things in the world’ – or something to that effect, the lofty ‘n’ manly sport of football is beloved around the world.

What makes it so popular, among other things, is its simplicity. You don’t need loads of equipment to play it – just a couple of goals (with nets preferably), a ball and a couple of blokes from around the block!

Creating your own football field is a simple enough project. Make sure that the area you’re building on is flat and has grass on it, draw the lines, install the goals, blow the whistle, Bob’s your uncle.

All things considered, turning your backyard into a football field, a basketball court, or even a shooting range can be an excellent move that will put a big smile on your face every time you have the time to play your favorite sport! So, protective helmet on, and start building!

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