Quality Tailored Suits at Great Prices London

There is nothing quite like a carefully tailored quality suit for a gentleman. It’s the epitome of style – with an impact in the boardroom and in a social situation – and exudes grace and elegance. Tailored is the word; we can all buy off-the-peg suits that are well-priced, and sometimes made from top quality materials, but try a tailored suit – one measured precisely to your style – and you will immediately feel the difference.

It’s not just comfort, but the way it feels all-round. A tailored suit will hang better, and will be easier and more satisfactory to wear. People notice when you have a quality suit, and that’s what you need if you want to look good and feel confident. But – and we know it’s what you’re thinking – you have to take out a second mortgage to get a Savile Row quality suit, especially in London, right? Not so if you talk to Edit Suits Co. who have show rooms in both Bond Street and Bow Street.

Why Edit Suits Co.?

London is home to many fine tailors, yet Edit Suits Co. has recognised the need for affordable, top quality tailored suits, manufactured using the finest materials, and delivered without the lengthy wait you would expect with your usual Savile Row tailor. They have a choice of 1000 materials, can offer you every possible customisation option, and are highly spoken of by many satisfied customers.

Edit Suits Co. works with manufacturers in the usual Eastern Europe and Far East locations, and as they use modern technology – your details are entered into an iPad, along with your chosen material, and any custom options you want, and all this is despatched digitally to the relevant manufacturer – to do the job, you can be measured one day, and have your top quality, fully bespoke suit delivered in as little as three weeks.

Countless Options

Start with the material – you can choose from top UK suppliers such as Holland and Sherry, or prestige Italian suppliers like Loro Piana and Vitale Barberis, these being names that guarantee the best quality available. Then, you get to choose the cut – helped by examples in digital renderings for convenience and speed – and the lining, for which you can choose a vast array, including a line that is eco-friendly, made from sustainable sources.

The finishing touches may be your customised choices, and the buttons, which are available in many different finishes and material. Edit Suits Co. claims to be the fastest tailors in London, and yet the quality they provide is exemplary, and the value superb.

What can you expect to pay? Let’s say you want a Loro Piana two-piece, and that’s a quality name; you can have that for under £900. Prices for less prestigious names can be considerably lower. A fully-bespoke, quality tailored two-piece suit, for under £400? Can that be beaten in London?

By doing away with expensive shop fronts, and locating on the first floor in still prestigious locations in London, Edit Suits Co. brings value to quality tailoring, so check them out now and arrange an appointment.

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