Quality Pre-Owned Designer Clothing at Great Prices

Everyone wants to look great, and that means wearing quality, designer clothes from top brands. Yet these are hard times, and few of us have the money to spend on such gear. Well, welcome to 4-Style, where you can buy pre-loved, second-hand designer brands at prices that you simply will not believe.

Who are 4-Style, and what are we about? 4-Style was founded after a chat over a pub lunch between Steve Mcardle – a former Supermarket PLC  director – and Nick Pocock, a business consultant, both vintage clothing enthusiasts and also men with an eye on the environment. The chat was about the massive amount of perfectly usable pre-worn clothing that goes into landfill every year in the UK, clothing that has a lifetime of at least three owners.

Rather than dispose of, why not recycle? People ‘grow out’ of garments, or get tired of them, and simply throw them away; this is where http://www.4-style.co.uk comes into the picture, by rescuing these unwanted items, checking them for quality, and putting them on their online shop for you to buy.

Great Choice of Brands and Items

So, 4-Style recycles clothes, what’s so great about that? First, 4-Style offers men who love quality designer clothes – whether that’s a jumper, jeans, a coat, shoes, we have it all – a chance to own genuine vintage items at a simply knock-down price. Believe us when we say these are bargains, and not to be missed.

Every item at 4-Style is carefully checked for quality and wearability. We sell good condition clothes, and we are proud to be recycling and repurposing these items for future use. It’s all too easy to simply discard an item when it’s been worn just a few times – and you’d be surprised how little some of our garments have been worn.

Big brands clothing is made to last, it’s quality stuff and you can tell the difference between the items we sell and high street throwaway cheap clothing. 4-Style is where you can pick and choose superb quality items that may be second hand but are still great clothes with a fine fit that will stand out in the crowd.

Fill Your Wardrobe Right Now

At 4-Style we set out to give 21st century man a shop where he can buy what he wants at a price he can afford. The fashion industry is recognising the desire for quality, stylish clothing, and many of our items are limited run editions, so you are getting a genuine designer garment that is made to the highest standard.

You’re also helping the environment. Even the simplest t-shirt takes a lot of water, time, and effort to produce, so by wearing recycled clothing you are giving these superb designer brand items the full life they were made to endure.

Check out the 4-Style website right now and you’ll see what we are all about, and you can start building your wardrobe of quality designer clothes at prices that are simply amazing.


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