Must-Have Grooming Products

Thanks to the mistakes of our forefathers, like frosted tips and manscaping, the subject of male grooming can often make even the most stylish guys a bit nervous. However, you don’t need to undergo a full makeover just to enjoy the benefits of a few treatments and products that will boost your looks while helping you de-stress. Try out a few of our suggestions on for size and soon you’ll see a happier, more handsome, and more relaxed guy looking back at you in the mirror.

Beard Oil

If you’re a guy who can grow a serious beard, you probably should. If you’re a guy who already has a beard, you should get some beard oil. Not only will a few drops of beard oil after a shower keep your beard looking lustrous and smelling great, it will also keep your facial hair from crossing the line from hipster to homeless.

Hand Cream

Manicures may be a hard sell for a lot of guys, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your hands at all. Whether you work with your hands or are just a nail-biter, a rich hand cream will keep your mitts from getting dry and cracking, and it will definitely make them a lot more pleasant for that special someone to hold.

A Proper Shaving Set

Taking a dull razor to the face is the bane of many a clean-shaven man’s existence, but you’ll rarely hear a complaint from a guy who’s serious about the shaving ritual. A well-sharpened razor, shave soap, a proper brush, and some non-astringent aftershave can turn this morning ritual from a chore into a pleasure.

Exfoliating Cleanser

Let’s face it — men get skin problems every bit as often as women do, but we rarely do as much to tackle them. Adding a gently exfoliating cleanser to your morning routine can help wake you up while fighting breakouts and dreaded ingrown hairs.

A Massage

There’s nothing quite like a professional massage to help you decompress, so treat yourself to a bit of pampering after a hard week of work. Instead of heading to your local salon and hoping for the best, book yourself a professional massage somewhere special, like the Four Seasons, where you can pick from Swedish, hot stone, or aromatherapy treatments in a relaxing, private space.

You don’t have to want to be the belle of the ball to know that looking good is an asset — just a little maintenance here and there can go a long way.

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