The Modern Gentleman’s Guide to Vaping

What is vaping

Vaping is defined as the inhaling and exhaling of the vapour produced by an e-cigarette or similar device that vapourises liquids containing nicotine. The e liquids come in many flavours and nicotine levels. Vaping is seemingly a growing trend among people who want an alternative to cigarette smoking. Vaping has no carcinogens in it like tobacco does.

Smoking is no longer cool! Unsociable, costly, smelly… uncool! But millions still have the habit, the habit of nicotine – and giving up is not easy. Your willpower is your only friend. But is it? E-cigarettes are a new way of giving you the nicotine that your body demands. So-called vaping may be an acceptable alternative for the Modern Gentleman.

The benefits

Give up nicotine! But if you can’t then vaping has many benefits over smoking. Your clothes and breath will stop smelling of old smoke. That hole you burnt in the sofa… oh dear, that won’t happen again. Your teeth can be sparkling white again (have you seen the state of long-term smoker’s teeth?). And the pub may decide not to kick you out into the cold and rain to satisfy your craving. It is not in fact illegal to vape in a working or social environment, however, many people will still consider it inconsiderate even though there is no danger of causing passive smoking.

Opinions vary

There are many views on e-cigarettes. The Telegraph points out the dangers – not physical dangers, but dangers to your “image” or public persona when you are seen blowing enormous volumes of vapour from a pretend pipe. Does it make you look grown up or is it the equivalent of a child blowing bubbles? Some people may think that vapers look pretty stupid but at least e-cigarettes are not harmful, but please consider your image!

The modern man

Another view from The Telegraph suggests that vaping is like smoking but more manly, Vaping has a surprisingly masculine appeal, just like gadgets and there are now over 3 million vapers. Sure, the initial rise of vaping was driven by the obvious health issues, but those who are considered as fans of the activity maintain that vaping can be an attraction. Some well known celebrities like Nick Clegg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and Tom Hardy have all moved away from cigarettes to vaping and love it. And there are some rules of etiquette to follow for the Modern Vaping Gentleman. If you’re going to vape, go to a private or secluded place. In other words, don’t impose your clouds of vapour on others. And if someone asks you to step outside to partake then do so without argument. Always be considerate. And never vape at work – those who take “smoke breaks” are not the most popular anyway! The Modern Gentleman should view vaping as a temporary phase between smoking and giving up smoking altogether.


If you are a long-term smoker, then consider taking up vaping only as a means of avoiding all the downsides of smoking. Long-term vaping is far safer than smoking according to a landmark study by the NHS. However, if you have never smoked, then you would be ill advised to take up vaping – it will do nothing for your image and may lead you to try a real cigarette. Don’t fall into that trap! In terms of addiction, nicotine is up there with caffeine and heroine. Some people just don’t possess the willpower to give up nicotine entirely and while nicotine patches may not deliver enough, vaping can give you the hit you need.

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