Men’s Modern-Day Dating Preferences

Some people love it, some people hate it and for some it’s a way of life – but there is no denying that Tinder has changed the landscape of online dating.

The result of the success of Tinder? A huge amount of dating apps for every sexual orientation with the hope of finding the perfect person to fall in love with, or on the other hand, the ideal person to have some NSA fun with!

No more waiting!

Instant gratification, that’s what we’re all getting used to in recent times, there’s no more waiting for anything, whether it be shopping, food, transport and one of the most important, sex.

Dating apps are at the forefront of this, whether you’re straight, gay or bisexual, there’s going to be a website or app for you. Some of them are getting incredibly popular, for example Tinder & Grindr, they’re both established in the dating scene, and a lot of people couldn’t do without them.

Gone are the days of meeting someone in a bar, if you’re looking for a date, open up the app and swipe right, you’re a stud, they are getting so popular, there’s even a Grindr for straight people, which is getting some great reviews.

5 No Strings Attached Tips

Here’s 5 essential no strings attached tips to remember before you take your first steps into it.

  1. Don’t pick a current friend.

The whole concept of a no strings attached relationship is to keep it relaxed. Which means, literal friends with benefits won’t end well. A no strings attached relationship is about sex, not being friends. A friend counts on you, and what you really need is a relationship with absolutely no commitment.

  1. No dating.

Well, at least, not with each other. Remember, you’re single, that means you’re free to date anyone you want other than your NSA buddy. You don’t want to confuse boundaries by watching movies together, having dinner or even breakfast. The whole relationship is based on sex, and that’s it, so don’t make things unnecessarily complicated.

  1. Don’t get too deep.

In order to stay in the no strings attached zone, its essential to keep things on a casual basis. You can’t talk about your days, thoughts, preferences, or any other deep details of your lives. When you’ve done your thing, don’t hang around, get out of there. This isn’t a slumber party. Your NSA partner only needs to satisfy you physically, not emotionally, so keep it cool and head home.

  1. Set ground rules.

For this agreement to be successful, you both need to be on the same page, so a conversation needs to be had to ensure both of you are clear. If you’re both openly aware of the set up, then there’s no potential for awkwardness and you will both be saved from the heartbreak of someone possibly wanting more.

  1. Have fun!

This is one relationship you don’t have to take so seriously, so relax. No strings attached should be calm and casual. You don’t have the stress that real relationships entail. So enjoy the freedom while it lasts!

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