Maintenance Tips for Portable Hot Tubs and Spas

For many, the mere thought of maintaining their portable hot tubs or spas is an intimidating prospect, particularly for new owners. However, unlike conventional swimming pools or permanent tubs, taking care of your portable tubs or spas is actually very easy. It will actually take just a little of your time, and there are an abundance of hot tub spares and spa accessories available to help you along. However, to make your task easier, when buying portable tubs or spas, try to buy models manufactured by a popular brand. It is far easier and cheaper to buy Jacuzzi hot tub spares or Lay Z spa accessories compared to parts for little known or imported China brands.

Pro Tip: The first thing you need to know is, if things starts to go wrong, simply turn off the power and drain the tub. Short of extreme carelessness and neglect, there is very little you could do to damage your precious hydrotherapy chamber.

And in case you’re wondering on the recommended maintenance frequency, it varies depending on the model, size, parts, location and number of users. However, as a general guideline, try to follow the schedules indicated below.

Four maintenance tips for portable hot tubs and spas

  • Filter and Skimmer Basket

Filters and skimmer baskets are important components of a healthy tub or spa. They filter and remove impurities and contaminates such as leaves, rubbish and bugs from water which are continuously circulated through them. Over time, the filter and skimmer will be clogged with grime and dirt. This is why it is important to regularly clean both items. Ideally, clean the skimmer every week and the filter about once a month. In addition, remember to change the filter annually. Keep a close eye on the filter during the winter months as the contraction of frozen water can crack it.

  • Hand Skimmers

Use a hand skimmer to remove leaves and other impurities from the water surface on a daily basis. It will take just a minute, and help to lighten the filter’s load. Using a tarp to cover the tub is also a good idea – just remember to air it every couple of days if no one is using it.

  • Underwater Cleaning

Have you ever swum in a green coloured swimming pool? Would it surprise you to know that that pool is probably cleaner compared to many home spas and hot tubs? Rather than wait until your feet starts to feel slippery from the flourishing algae colonies, wash the pool regularly using a small spa cleaning vacuum. Clean the floor, sides, and corners on a month basis. At least twice each year (preferably quarterly), drain the water completely and manually was the floor and sides using a spa cleaner.

  • My Chemical Romance?

Maintaining a balanced water chemistry is crucial towards the long term health of your skin and general health. As such, spend some time mastering the various types of chemicals used to ensure the water in your tub in free of bacteria and has a good pH balance. Understand the role that chlorine, bromine and minerals play in maintaining a great subterranean ecosystem. After you get the hang on things, all it takes is just a couple of minutes every week to keep your tub in perfect health.



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