How to Detail Your Car So It Looks Superb

For many of us our car is not just a mode of transport, it’s a thing of beauty that we love and cherish! Whether you have a modern car that you are happy with or a cherished vintage or classic motor, you want it to look its best and be appreciated. We’re not just talking about washing it regularly and giving it a valet, but detailing it.

What do we mean by detailing a car, and how do you go about it? To get the best results it is sensible to get the professionals to do the job, so let’s talk about what detailing involves.

What’s Involved in Detailing?

A car is not a cheap item, and some can cost a great deal of money, yet you don’t have to own an expensive or luxury car to take pride in it. Whatever you own, when you detail your car you have a choice of solutions to take advantage of from simple basic routines to a complete detailing, and a service provider such as M&M Auto Detailing – operating out of Glastonbury, Connecticut – is a great example of a respected and established outfit offering a full menu of detailing services.

Choose from simple solutions such as tinted window film, which can make a great difference especially to more imposing vehicles, or headlight restoration as this is one area that tends to become untidy very quickly. You might want odours in the car removed and further interior detailing, or perhaps you have a cherished vehicle you’ve recently bought and want to put it in for the complete detailing treatment?

A complete detailing routine covers both inside and outside the car, so here’s a bit more about what’s involved.

What is Complete Detailing?

Let’s begin with what will happen when you get the interior of your car detailed fully. The job will include cleaning and conditioning all leather and cloth upholstery as well as the panels in the vehicle. The headliner will get a thorough clean as will all carpets, and they will even clean up the door jams! All vents and other apertures and windows will be cleaned, and they’ll vacuum the trunk to perfection.

The exterior will get a thorough clean, too, with a full wash by hand and dried too. The wheels will be cleaned and waxed, and a micro-finishing tool will be used to remove any imperfections from the paintwork.

All of the exterior will be glazed, polished and sealed to the highest order and treated to a coating of a sealant that protects against bird droppings, UV light and damage from tree sap and acid rain, and that lasts for 12 months.

This is the sort of treatment your treasured vehicle clearly deserves, and you may be surprised to find out it is affordable. It will also keep your car or truck in top order for the show season, so why not check out detailing services now and see how you can make your car the one everyone admires.

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