Hardy Amies Mac Review

If there is one thing no guy should be without it is a good, water-resistant Mac that he can use in any setting while feeling smart at the same time.

This type of classic garment is perfect for keeping you dry and looking stylish no matter where you go and what you do once get there. Whether you are in the office, in the pub or heading out to meet the special person in you your life, once you slip on a classy Mac you will feel ready for anything.

Bearing all of that in mind, I was delighted to give the Hardy Amies blue Mac coat a try recently. I have always heard really good things about their store at 8 Savile Row, London and was keen to see what this classic cotton gabardine Mac was all about.

The Looks

If you love to get a timeless look then you will be delighted with how this single breasted, 4 button Mac sits on you. It is the sort of elegant outerwear that can top off any casual outfit with effortless style.

You can also feel confident about trying on your normal size, as it gives a perfect, true fit. The first one that I slipped on was ideal and there was no need to try any other sizes, which is always a great relief as well as being a time-saver.

HardyAmiesMac2When I first went to use it outside I combined it with my favourite blue shirt unbuttoned at the top and felt supremely confident as I headed into central London. I discovered that it really is a bit of a head-turner, as more than a few people seemed to take more of an interest in my attire than is normal.

A couple of days later I decide to give it a try in a more causal outfit. I was heading out for a bite to eat and a couple of drinks so I decided to match it with some smart, dark jeans and a white polo shirt. This combination worked brilliantly as well and I felt completely comfortable in an informal setting with it on.

All in all, it is a great-looking coat that will add tremendous versatility to your wardrobe at a stroke. It works really well with casual clothes and adds just the right amount of elegance to them without making you feel stuffy or over-dressed.

You can check out the manufacturer’s Instagram at @hardyamiesldn if you want to see some good examples of how to use this and their other garments with aplomb.

Keeping You Dry

That second occasion where I wore it I could see that some nasty rain clouds were hovering over the horizon as I left the house. Normally this would be a pain and cause me to think twice about going out but I decided that it would be a good time to give the Mac’s water-proof qualities a stern test.

In fact, it didn’t start raining until I was inside the pub so I had to step outside for a few moments to give it a good work out, to the amusement of other customers there. Thankfully, it did its job of keeping me dry without any problems.

I could then shake the last few drops of rain off it and step back inside looking like a man who didn’t have a care in the world. No-one would ever have known that I had been standing out in the heavy rain just a few seconds earlier.

This is now definitely the coat that I will grab when I am heading out and notice that it looks as though it is going to rain.

Value for Money

As you would expect from a big name in men’s clothing like Hardy Amies, this Mac isn’t some sort of dirt cheap, bargain basement garment. Instead, it is a quality piece of clothing that will last you for year after year.

HardyAmiesMac3This means that it offers great value for money. I am sure that I will use this coat tons of times and feel fantastic about it every time I slip it on. That makes it the very definition of value for money for me.

If you want to spend a reasonable amount of cash on a versatile coat that ties together a lot of your outfits and lets you feel confident every time you go out then this a smart choice.


I know that in the future I will wonder what I did before I had this Mac hanging in my wardrobe. After just a few uses I already feel as though it is the first garment that I now head for when choosing an outfit.

As an everyday coat that never looks out of place this is a solid choice. You definitely aren’t ever going to regret giving it a try.

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