Get the Quirky Birthday Gift Everyone Wants



When it comes to buying gifts for the special people in your life, chances are you’ve got a few challenging folks on your hands. You know the ones: Their tastes are eclectic, they’re hard to please or they’ve got it all. You’ve already gone the gift card route, and you’re looking to shake things up in a memorable way. What do you do when you’ve done everything else?

This year, sweep friends and family members off their feet with a sock membership that says, “Happy Birthday!” like nothing else can.

How a Monthly Sock Club Works

A few website clicks are all it takes to bring joy and smiles to someone’s door. Once you create an online account and add the required gift information, your recipient receives an e-mail about the awesomeness on the way. Since you take care of payment and subscription length on your end, your recipient simply uses the e-mail invitation to set sock preferences, and voilà! Great socks arrive monthly, and the rave reviews roll in.

Fun and Flexible Options

Why choose a monthly sock club? Beyond the sheer fun of it, a sock subscription features flexible options for a one-of-a-kind fit to match any personality:

  • Subscription categories:Please little ones and adults alike with subscription categories for girls, boys, women and men.
  • Subscription length: Options include month-to-month subscriptions you can cancel anytime or prepaid subscriptions of 6 or 12 months.
  • Sock quantities: Give one, two or three pairs of socks each month.
  • Sock sizes and styles:Your recipients can choose graphic socks, patterned socks or a combination of both in any size for a blend of whimsy and flair.
  • Feedback and replacements:Your recipients can share feedback on shipments to ensure the socks they get are the ones they love.

Learn more about sock of the month club for women and how you can give friends, family members and other loved ones the unique gifts they’ll always remember.

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