Finding The Casual Class Balance

Looking good in formal clothes is relatively easy. Provided you go for the best brands the quality of the material used, the styling and cut means that it is hard not to look great when wearing them.

When it comes to casual clothes things get a bit trickier. It is hard to get the balance right with this type of clothing. If you are not careful, you can easily end up looking a bit grungy, and as if you have just thrown anything on. To make sure you stay the right side of the line, and always look good, we have put together a few guidelines to help you to buy the right type of casual clothes. The focus of this page is jeans and joggers

Get the fit right

Getting the fit of men’s jeans right is important. When you go shopping, you need to think about comfort, as well as the way they look. If your jeans cut into you every time you sit down you are not going to want to wear them much. To be able to look good you need to feel comfortable.

When buying your jeans you need to think about what activities you are likely to want to do in them. Taking this approach will help you to choose the right cut.

Try on new styles when you can

In all likelihood, you like a particular style or cut of jean. If you already know what suits you there is no harm in buying a new pair every year. However, we would encourage you to also try on the latest cuts. Often you will be pleasantly surprised by how good you look in them. Being willing to try something new is the best way to keep your wardrobe interesting, and up to date.

The right joggers

If you are looking for a comfortable pair of trousers, you really cannot beat a pair of good quality men’s joggers. The fact that they are made from soft flexible material means that they move with you.

However, you need to be a bit careful about the cut when you buy joggers. It is always a good idea to try them on and check how you look from all angles, and in various positions, before wearing them out.

If they bunch up in places when you squat you are probably better off putting that pair back on the rack and looking elsewhere. This is especially important if you are planning to wear, your joggers while training, playing sports or working.
With joggers, there are a few other practical considerations. The first is where you are going to put your phone, keys and wallet, if you are planning to wear them throughout the day.

Buying cheap joggers is rarely a good idea. Because these are usually made of thin material, they wear quickly, and can end up looking awful after just a couple of washes. So, bear this in mind when choosing a pair, and be prepared to spend a little extra to get a well made pair, that are made to last.

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