Feel Comfortable On Your First Date

There’s something really exciting about the thought of going on a date with someone new and exciting. You’re getting the chance to get to know someone that you’re attracted to, and to hopefully get into a relationship with them. However, first dates can be very daunting, and if you’re not the confident type, the idea of a first date is enough to leave you worried about all of the things that could go wrong. However, there are some great ways to prepare for your first date so that you feel comfortable and show off who you really are. Check it out:

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Prepare conversation topics

One of the most awkward things on a first date is not knowing what to say and desperately trying to come up with something to talk about. Save yourself from any awkward moments by preparing conversation topics so that if there is a lull in conversation, you’re ready and prepared to keep things going. Some great topics to keep up your sleeve are:

  • Who they are close to in their life
  • What are their career dreams
  • What’s their favourite drink (perfect for when you’re buying the drinks in)
  • Do they have a bucket list?
  • What are they passionate about?

Take a look at these other ideas to help you along the way too!

Dress to the nine

Some blog posts will tell you that a suit is a no no on a first date, but we completely disagree. Making the effort for your date will show that you’re someone who wants to be seen on her arm and that you want her to be proud of being out and about with you. You can shop online for men’s suits, and it’s a much more comfortable way of getting ready for your first date, rather than heading out shopping and having to answer questions. Plus, who doesn’t want to look their best when they’re trying to impress? A suit is most definitely the way forward.

Chivalry is most definitely not dead

They say chivalry is dead, but we disagree. Women want to be wined and dined and be made to feel like the most important being on earth, so why not give that to her? Little gestures such as taking her coat, pulling out her chair and showing up with a rose or some flowers make all the difference to how you come across to your date. Being chivalrous will help you feel more comfortable as she will reciprocate with a warmer welcome when you’re talking.

Have a pamper day

Finally, and no we haven’t gone mad – have a pamper day. Go and have your hair cut, style your beard, and even pop on a facemask so that your skin is looking fresh and clear. A great idea would be to try out a teeth whitening kit so that not only are you rocking a suit, but you’re looking your absolute best everywhere else too. When you feel like you look good, you’ll feel more comfortable and able to let your true self shine through. Good luck with your date, you’re going to smash it!

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