Enough With The Virtual Shooters, Time To Get Real

One of the most popular video game genres ever is of course first-person shooters. The market is driven almost completely and utterly by young men. So what gives us that thrill of toe to toe combat and pitting your skills and gall against another worthy foe? It’s the ability to not just say that you are better, it’s a quest to be the best for yourself. Just like any sport, you want to be the best so that you’re on top of the pecking order. Throughout civilisation there has always been a hierarchy of excellence. When you’re the best at something, you are admired, you’re well-known, you garner a lot of attention and you get the rightful accolades. But no one wants to be in school forever, do they? Partly why we play shooting games is because we want the thrill of something powerful in our hands. It’s much like holding a sword, it’s just a piece of finely crafted metal but we know the power it holds to make or break kingdoms. The same goes for guns, so where can you put your skills to the test?

Breathe and squeeze

It’s a popular misconception that here in the UK we can’t shoot guns. Actually, we can, you just need to do it in a safe and controlled environment and one that prides itself on being professional. We have always been known for a nation that cherishes the one shot, one kill way of shooting. From the days of the longbow all the way to the bolt action rifle, marksman are taught to take their time, breathe slow and control their weapon when releasing a shot. This is something that the Bisley Shooting Ground takes very seriously. If you’re one of those cocky rambo type of lads, sorry but this isn’t for you. Rifles and small calibre pistols are the mainstay of this shooting range but really, it’s all about the bolt action rifles. You can book yourself in for a shooting day and fire some real firearms instead of just using them in video games. Before you are allowed to have a go with an instructor by your side feeding you the rounds, you’ll be taught to utterly respect the firearm. Safety is of the utmost importance and cannot be stressed enough.

Source Piotr VaGla

As good as you think?

Fancy yourself a bit of a tactician when you’re playing Battlefield or Call of Duty? Perhaps you’re part of an online team that takes beating other teams seriously. But in the end, that’s all just tactics online and in the comfort of your own bedroom or living room. If you’re as good as you think you should test yourself. Paintballing UK has scenarios that are akin to what could be a real battle. You work as a team to secure an objective, stop the enemy team from achieving their objectives and most of all test out your team cohesion and tactics. If you think you can lead men to a victory or be part of a team that outfoxes an enemy team, you should put your money where your mouth is and try it out.

Enough with the online gaming, you have a chance to test your skills in the real world. Can you hit a target a couple hundred metres away with a rifle? Can you destroy another team and come out on top? Only you can find out.

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