Dressing Smartly Without Looking Like You’ve Raided Your Dad’s Wardrobe

We’ve all been there. We realise we need some sort of formal wear for an occasion and have neither the time nor the experience, to head out and grab something perfect. Instead, we delve into our dad’s wardrobe, fumbling around for a shirt, a pair of trousers, a tie, smart shoes… anything that will ensure we meet the required dress code. It could be an interview, a date, a meeting. Sadly, chances are that by the time you arrive, you haven’t found anything quite right in the hand-me-down pile and are sporting an oversized suit, questionable novelty tie, or shoes that could only possibly be made worse with the addition of velcro. So, it’s time to take not for the future. Here’s some key information to dress smartly the right way.

Be Prepared

You should always have one or two smart outfits on hand, regardless of whether you have any official or important events lined up. You never know when a prime opportunity will arise, and at least if you’re prepared, you will be able to grasp it while looking suave and well styled. Add these basics to your wardrobe. Plain options are best to start out with, as you can get away with wearing them multiple times without people noticing. Bold patterns and bright colours draw attention, which can be positive in some ways, but can also see you attending numerous events in an outfit that is quite noticeable the same as what you wore to the last.

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Know Your Size

Okay, we may have the luxury of getting away with vaguely opting for tees sized small, medium, large, or extra large. But when it comes to suits and other formal wear, you’re going to have to get to grips with your precise size. This is where professional tailors can come in handy. They will be able to measure you accurately, meaning that they can then craft suits or other garments that are made to fit or at least recommend the closest size to fit you in other brands or labels. Make a note of these and remember to get measured relatively regularly to monitor any changes that could call for consequent changes in your wardrobe.

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Accessorise Wisely

Accessories can make the world of difference to the look of an overall outfit. It’s not too surprising that these differences can be massively positive or awfully negative. So be careful and choose wisely. Generally, a simple yet sophisticated watch is the best option out there. It adds an air of business, timeliness and taste to any look. Large faces are easier to read without holding your wrist close to your eyes and plain straps are favourable. Avoid large pieces of jewellery, as these can come across as overly flashy or plain silly: both potential perceptions of you that you will want to avoid.

Taking heed of this advice should ensure that you can finally perfect the technique to dressing smartly without looking like you’ve raided your dad’s wardrobe!

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