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Staying on trend as a guy is tough. There is a delicate balance between looking like you’re trying too hard, and that you haven’t tried enough. But one way to beat this dilemma is to look to your favourite stars for fashion inspiration. Read on to find out more.

Keep it casual with Chris Pratt

Whether it is the dopey Andy, in Parks and Recreation, or quick-quipping space pilot Star-Lord in Guardians Of The Galaxy, Chris Pratt is a huge name in Hollywood right now! But how can you get some inspiration from his style to put in your own wardrobe?


Well, he’s known to rock things more on the casual end of the spectrum. Think classic gray marl t-shirts or long sleeve grandad shirts with buttons on the chest. Or even a checked shirt with dark jeans and a waistcoat!

But don’t forget that although part of his charm is as a scruffy rogue, his clothes are relaxed, but great quality and he teams them with a well-groomed beard and hairstyle for maximum effect.

Steal his look by keeping things casual but well put together. Ensure everything fits you perfectly, is clean and ironed before you wear it. Also, keep your hair and beard under control and have a great pair of jean that you can wear with everything and look awesome!

Get street with Snoop Dogg

Snoop is something a chameleon when it comes to style, and he can look equality on point in a sharp suit, or more street worthy ware such as baggy jeans and hoodies. But one thing that Snoop does better than anybody else is accessorise to make the look his own.



For example, you will often see him wearing a chunky gold chain like the ones from Frostnyc gold chains for men. As well as a pair of glasses or sunglasses which give a bit of character to his outfit.

Get this look by accessorizing your outfits carefully. Choose an item that speaks to you and your lifestyle, and that inject a little frivolity and panache into your outfits. Just don’t be afraid to have some fun.

Smarten up with Tom Hiddleston

Loki from The Avengers might make the worst fashion faux pas with that horned helmet, and green cloak, but his real life counterpart Tom H is definitely not guilty on that score.

Tom is best known for playing intense, brooding characters on the big screen, and his fashion style often reflects this.

In fact, some may say he is the king of the well-cut suit, always sporting an elegant and dapper number in public appearances.

Steal his look by buying the best quality suit you can afford. Ensure that it is slim fit, and favour grays over black or browns.

Team it with a white dress shirt for formal occasions, and a clean white t-shirt with the blazer, done up for more relaxed do.

You never know, maybe the way he dresses has something to do with his success with the ladies, and if you copy his style it might just rub off on you too?


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