The Best Weighted Workout Vests

A weighted workout vest can greatly enhance an already difficult workout. Not only will it add weight to the exercise regimen you are doing but it is a great feature when you are working your core and are not using weight plates or free weights when working out. Of course, you want to find the best weighted vests when the time comes to invest in one and find what works best for your workout regimen. So, before you buy consider a few of the top-rated workout vests which are available for purchase.

ZFO Sports

This weighted vest gives you the option to adjust the weight settings up to 40 pounds in addition to your own body weight when working out. The contoured fit makes it exceptional for both men and women when working out. It allows you to adjust to your frame size and to adjust easily based on your weight when worn around the chest. It has a simplistic Velcro-design which keeps the vest in place avoids too much shifting with robust movement and gives you a great workout when you want to add a little more weight to your routines.

Maxi climber

This is another great option when choosing a workout vest to add a little more weight to your core strengthening workout regimen. For those who want something practical, easy to use and affordable look no further than this great vest. It only provides an additional 12-pounds of weight but when properly incorporated into a workout this should be more than enough. It is versatile has a simple open/close mechanism and conforms well to any shape or body size. It is comfortable when worn and won’t cause chafing when moving at quick paces during a workout.


This vest offers a little more weight than Maxi Climber, with up to 20 additional pounds of added weight to your workout where you are simply utilizing your own body weight. It has a slim fit so you don’t feel or look too bulky when working out and wearing the vest. You can easily wear it over or underneath your clothing during a workout as well. It is simply designed and features an adjustable belt for easy maneuverability when wearing the vest for workouts.

Cross 101 Run Max

For those who want heavy weight additions, this is a great option to consider when choosing a new weighted vest. It can be adjusted in increments and can add up to an additional 40 pounds of weight when performing core exercises and using your body weight alone during a workout. It doesn’t rub against your neck, it is comfortable and it easily conforms onto any user regardless of size of weight. It is a single piece so you don’t have to attach multiple straps and it features an easy to adjust belt to ensure proper fit and form so it won’t move when working out.

Tone Fitness

If you are shopping on a budget this adjustable weighted vest can add up to 12 pounds of weight onto your own body weight, when performing exercises. High comfort levels, a simplistic design and fit and it has a side pocket which can hold your cell phone, an MP3 player or other items you take around with you when you are working out. Although it doesn’t add as much weight as other belts it is comfortable, simple to wear, easy to remove and it can conform to nearly any body size when putting on the vest for a greater and more intense workout.

You don’t have to overspend in order to find quality products to enhance a workout; the same goes when choosing a new weighted vest for the core workouts you plan on doing, when utilizing only you own body weight and no additional equipment. If you would like to know more about weighted vest I would recommend looking at some reviews. One site which can help you is Product Scorer. With the right vest you can add additional weight and it won’t cause discomfort or chafing when doing brisk movements during your workouts. For those who are looking for quality and something well designed. These are a few of the best options from which you can choose when the time comes to invest in a new weighted vest.

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