Beauty Products You Should Steal From Your Wife

If you consider her side of the cabinet a forbidden zone, you could not be more wrong. If you have ever wondered why your wife has so smooth skin, pretty lips and perfectly soft hair, than you must take if just a peak in her beauty products. Yes, many of the features mentioned above were given to her by nature, but that does not mean she had not used some extra tools to help her. Plus, her products can be great smelling, and a true man knows how to appreciate a rose scrub over a bacon scrub (yes, that is a thing). If you are afraid of getting lost in the sea of fruity and flowery aromas, we will help you. Here are some products you should steal from your wife.

Hair Products – (Almost) All of Them

Really, women take such good care of their hair that every product they use is worth stealing. Still, let us think about what you actually need. Shampoo is always an option. Once there, why not take the dry shampoo too, when you do not have enough time to wash your greasy day-old hair. Dry shampoo will absorb oil and add volume, for a hairstyle on-the-go. If you are not already borrowing your significant other’s hairspray, it is about time to start. It is a much better solution than hair gel or wax.

Facial Toner

Every woman knows, and it is about time for you to figure that out too, that toner is a miracle worker for oily or acne prone skin, but it has some other benefits. It is visually shrinking pores, giving your skin pH balance, adding a layer of protection and revitalizing your skin. It is especially useful for people exposed to polluted air, dust or other uncleanness.

Facial Moisturiser

Women put great care into moisturizing. And if there is one thing that they would never be cheapskates about, that is organic face moisturiser. Be sure that you will find a quality organic moisturiser in your wife’s cabinet and thus discover the secret of her perfectly soft skin. Apply it twice a day, after the toner and face wash with lukewarm water, and you will notice visible improvements soon.

Wrinkle Cream

What, she can be forever young and you should stand still while shrivelling? Not going to happen! Steal her night anti-aging cream and do not stop there. If she has a special cream for bags and dark circles around the eyes use that too, every night before going to bed.

Anti-Acne Products

Acne is both men and women problem, yet again there are so many different products intended for women, while men have their limited choice. Women have wide range of products to deal with this issue, from peels and lotions to creams and masks. If you are faced with bad acne breakout explore your wife’s side of the cabinet, surely you will find something useful.


Dead skin cells happen to both men and women equally. Remember that rose peel we mentioned at the beginning? Now is the perfect moment to grab it. By exfoliating your skin once a week you will make it fresher and more willing to receive all those products you are applying on it. It will make moisturiser and toner much more efficient. Because you do not want dead skin cells nor on your body neither on your face, use both body and face scrubs.

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