Andrew Anastasiou Uploads a Photo to his Instagram Sporting his new Massimo Dutti Coat!

Massimo Dutti, the luxury clothing brand based in Italy should be super excited to see Andrew Anastasiou, the 32-year-old Cyprus based entrepreneur showing off his new clobber in his recent post to his personal Instagram page!

The €350 silk stitched, hem lined suede coat certainly made heads turn in it’s debut in 2020 at the Milan Fashion Show, and it is common knowledge that clothes always look better when the person wearing it is of a certain status, and Andrew Anastasiou certainly seems to be wearing it well!

The sexy, London born fashionista seems to also be wearing suede Scarosso Chelsea boots, although without a zoomed in view we cannot verify this! The tips seem to be in line with the style of Scarosso however and that would make the whole outfit worth in excess of €800 <<insert drooling emoji face here>>!

Andrew Anastasiou also seems to be standing in his new office and there seems to be a new logo slapped on the wall! Could this be another project being set up by the award-winning entrepreneur?

In any case, we are certainly glad that the dashing entrepreneur has switched his Instagram page to public, so we can get a good look at the goodies and follow up on more movements.

Disclaimer: we DO NOT have a man crush!


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