7 Savvy Steps to Selling Your Unwanted Stuff

Over the years you have to admit that your home has become laden with unwanted clutter and belongings. It is completely normal to accumulate more and more items over time, but sometimes you just have to put an end to it and declutter your life. Whether you’re trying to transform your home into a minimalist mansion or simply clear out your mind of old memories, there are many ways in which you can get rid of your unwanted belongings. The most popular way nowadays is to sell your stuff online; it’s cheap, simple and you can sell almost anything you want. If you’re not sure where to start


1. Research Reputable Shipping Companies

You need to have a good idea in mind about how you are going to ship and deliver all of your unwanted items. If you are selling books, DVDs or other small items these should be quite easy to pack up and send to the post office by yourself. However, if you are planning to sell large items such as furniture, vehicles or electrical items you will need to find a reputable shipping company, motorbike courier or specialised furniture delivery method. At least you will know that your item is getting safely from A to B without getting lost in transit.

2. Find an Appropriate Platform to Sell On

Knowing where to sell your item can be tricky if you’re new to selling, but consider local apps such as Schpok or Facebook Marketplace. People within a certain vicinity of your area can search for items and come and collect them. EBay is another excellent online platform where you can sell a much wider range of products and you have their full support and protection throughout the process.

3. Take Realistic Pictures

You can use a phone to take pictures of the item or items you want to sell online. Try to take the photos in natural daylight and make sure you capture all angles, even the less attractive spots. If the buyer can see all of the scratches and scrapes then you are less likely to receive complaints.

4. Write a Detailed Description

Whatever you are selling, you will need to write around a hundred words to describe the item. Use bullet points so that the buy can clearly read what features they item has to offer. Make sure to include specific colours, measurements and any potential imperfections.

5. Find Out the Original RRP

Look back on your records and find out how much you paid for the item originally this will help you to figure out how much the item might have depreciated over the years.

6. Set a New Price

Search for a similar item online and see what other sellers are setting their prices at; this will give you a good idea of the competition and what potential buyers are willing to pay.

7. Pay to Boost the Advert

Most selling platforms are relatively cheap so you might want to splash out to make your advert more prominent on their site or app. This could include a bigger picture or highlighted description.

Start selling your unwanted stuff today and you will finally have the minimalist home you have always dreamed of!

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