6 tips to help you date an older woman

In the modern dating scene, men are not particularly interested in women younger than them or of the same age. More and more men are starting to gravitate towards older women for varied reasons. But you might be wondering, how exactly does a young man go about dating an older woman? Is there a particular way older women should be treated? Do I have to open doors for her and act all gallantly? Do I have to be more knowledge to prove to her that age doesn’t really matter?

Below, we have provided 6 tips to help you date an older woman:

Keep in mind that they are wiser

As opposed to a young woman, an older woman is wiser given that they have more life experience. Thus, you should expect them to be less impulsive, have more wisdom, and to have very different values from those of younger women.

Constantly remind her that she still has it in her

At the end of the day, a woman is a human. They love to be complimented every once in a while. It doesn’t take a lot to tell her that she is beautiful and that she is glowing. However, your compliments need to come off as natural.

She always sees through games

Unless she categorically says so, older women are rarely interested in a “time pass” relationship. She will easily see through your dishonesty and child-play games, and the last thing she wants is to have her time wasted. What they are often looking for is a man and not a boy. So, make sure to be confident, mature, and goal oriented.

She is not your mom

You are very mistaken if you expect her to act like a motherly figure – take your search elsewhere. This is one of the biggest turn offs for older women. The last thing they want to see is a boy in a man’s body. Childish behavior is the farthest thing from their cup of tea. They’ve most likely dealt with this multiple times in the past and are completely fed up by it by now. At this point in life, they have no place for drama in their lives.


Best believe that older women have come across a good number of boys who had difficulties committing to anything and are more suitable to mature escorts. It is therefore advisable that you inform her from the beginning that you are not up for a commitment in the near future. There is a chance that she may not also be looking for one. And in this case, she will truly appreciate the fact that you were upfront and act accordingly.

For your age

While they may seem like compliments, you should never say any of the following to an older woman, “you look great for your age”, “you are like my mother”, “your skin is glowing for your age”. Older women are very sensitive to such statements. Make sure to filter your words accordingly.

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