6 Stylish Birthday Presents that Will Leave Your Boyfriend Looking Like a Gift


It can be difficult to pick out the perfect sartorial touch for your partner. After all everyone has their own personal style and you do want to make sure they’re able to express it, just as long as it’s not at the expense of your own attraction to the man.

That being said, there are a few additions to the fashion closet required by every gay man, whether his tastes lean towards preppy, athletic or avant garde. Here are some essential and fashionable presents that will have both you and your boyfriend gawking with delight.


This luxurious fabric is always in style, and can be moulded to just about any form. As long as your boyfriend values comfort and good looks, they’ll appreciate a tasteful gift of cashmere. Some ideas include,

  • A cashmere dressing robeto keep him looking hot, and staying warm on housebound nights.
  • Cashmere socks to make him feel like he’s walking on air.
  • V-neck cashmere sweater that can be paired with a dress shirt for a formal look, or worn solo if he’s looking to bare some chest.

All Purpose Sneakers

Every gay man can appreciate a pair of sneakers that go with almost any outfit. Pick a cool style that’s urban and understated so that he can make the most of them. Aldo has some great fashions available right now, so check them out for inspiration or a possible purchase.

High Quality White Tee

The club scene standby, no gay wardrobe is complete without a white tee that fits just right and is appropriate for almost any occasion. Not even the most outsized character can pass up a chance to show off a simple, elegant look.


Whether they’re boxers, briefs or boxer-briefs even the most shameless amongst us need high quality underwear. After all you never know when they’re going to need to be shown off. With that in mind, there are Australian shops that cater to all sorts of men’s underwear styles, so you can simply pick the one that suits your man’s needs best.


A well cut blazer can make any outfit go from casual to dressy and is a must-have addition for any wardrobe. When picking out the best fit for your boyfriend, make sure the shoulders fit his naturally, and that the jacket won’t pull too tight when buttoned. Gray and navy are the safest and most versatile colours to opt for, and will work with almost any outfit.


Yes, not necessarily something you wear but you want to make sure your boyfriend smells as nice as he looks. A high quality aftershave can be the perfect capper to any outfit, and leave people thinking of you long after you’re gone. If your boyfriend is older and more of a sophisticate, we’d recommend Amouage, while the twinks amongst us will be well satisfied by a nice Charenton Macerations.

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