3 Proven Roulette Tactics

It’s a common misconception that Roulette is all down to luck. Of course, there’s a pretty big factor which you can’t control, and the house will always win. However, you can still help your chances a lot by applying certain techniques. If you want to approach and leave the table like Bond, read on. Here’s a few simple roulette tactics you can try.


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The first strategy we’ll look at is probably the simplest in the game. Some people call this system the “sucker’s bet”, but don’t be put off! This is a highly effective tactic compared to impulsive or superstitious betting. Because half the numbers are red and half black (apart from 0) betting on a colour will have roughly a 50/50 chance of winning. If you pick the right colour half the time, then you’ll at least break even. Just make sure you have enough to play with if you’re giving this strategy a try! Just bet on a colour, and if you win, take your winning and leave the original bet. If you lose, double the bet instead. You’d have to be hugely unlucky to leave with nothing!


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Another popular system involves betting on the 1-18 or 19-36 boxes. Like betting on a colour, odd or even, these bets only pay 1 to 1. The main difference is that it’s a one-time, win or lose bet. In this tactic, like a lot of others, it’s advisable to watch the game for a while. Remember you won’t be able to do this at Maria and other online casinos! For some strategies, you’ll need to suit up and go to an actual casino. The best time to make a bet like this is after the ball hasn’t landed on one half of the numbers for about 6 spins. If you win on one of these bets, then I’d split your winnings up and try some more risky bets. If you lose, step away from the table, and wait for another 6 in a row. This strategy is slightly more volatile than the first one, but you’ll stand to win a lot more!


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The last system is my favourite, although to be honest it isn’t much more profitable than the previous two. However, it’s a brilliant way to make back your original bets without playing with too much money. In this system, you’ll be betting on rows after they haven’t come up for a certain number of spins. Personally I use 7. Like the half and half method I outlined before, this strategy changes depending on your performance. Many people like to make a small bet to begin with, and repeat it until they win. After that, they leave the table and observe the spins again, betting on a row once it’s been a loser for long enough.

I hope at least one of these tactics helps you the next time you’re playing roulette. As you play more and more, you’ll begin to understand the finer points of the game, and develop your own killer strategy!

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