Why Manlihood Podcast is Right Up Your Street!

Are podcasts your thing? Are you a man who wants to be a better man? Are you looking for ways to improve your life and that of those around you?

You need to get into Manlihood!

This great podcast is all about being the man you want to be.

Now if you think that sounds a bit too ‘preachy’ for you stop right there! Manlihood is fun, informative, and genuinely engaging, and should be high on your list of things to check out.

What’s Manlihood All About?

So, what is it about Manlihood that makes it a cool podcast for men that is actually worth listening to?

Josh Hatcher, who created the podcast, is a guy who likes to enjoy life but also to improve himself.

Josh’s weekly podcasts feature interviews with a variety of people. They may be celebrities and athletes, authors, and other podcasters, but they are always people who have something to give to the listeners.

Manlihood is a great place to go if you want to get advice and information on how to improve your career path. After all, listening to those who have achieved success tell you how they did so can only help you get inspired to follow their path.

Some guests talk about self-improvement away from the workplace, about how to improve your life, and how to handle relationships.

It’s the variety and quality of guests that Josh brings to his podcasts that make it so listenable. Earlier this year Josh had as a guest none other than TV personality Judge Joe Brown, who gave a fascinating insight into the life of a court judge and as a TV star. But there’s one episode you have to listen to and it’s a scoop of the highest order!

Where Should I Start?

Part of how to be a better man is preparation: being prepared for what lies immediately ahead and in the future.

In a brilliant episode of Manlihood Josh interviews no other than 90’s rap superstar Cecil ‘DC’ Glenn of Tag Team. You’ve seen the Geico ice cream commercial where Tag Team reprise their massive 1992 hit ‘Whoomp! (There It Is)’ as ‘Scoop!’ in an amusing scene where they dance around the kitchen naming the various flavors in the song.

It’s a fun and successful advert, and Glenn talks a lot about how being prepared – he has worked variously as a voice-over actor and actor for many years – and using the experience and knowledge gained across the years has equipped him with the tools to enjoy doing what he does by ensuring he’s prepared for the event.

This is a fascinating podcast interview with a man who has had a varied and interesting life and career, and Josh gets the best out of Glenn as he usually does with his always engaging guests.

You can find it at Manlihood.com, or on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other major podcast hosting platforms. Check it out, and be the man you want to be.

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