What To Wear For Cheltenham & Other Horse Races

The horse races are a huge part of the social calendar for many fashionistas and horse racing aficionados alike.

Most women have probably been thinking about their outfits for months now, but what about the guys? You might think it’s not a big deal, but wearing the right thing can honestly make or break your day. With the season kicking off this month thanks to the Cheltenham Festival, now is as good a time as any to put that fashion foot forward.

Get To Know The Event

Horse racing has a huge place in British history, and if you’re going along for the day, it pays to learn a bit about it. The Cheltenham Festival and Cheltenham Gold Cup date back to 1924.

Obviously, learning about the event should mean learning a little about etiquette on the day as well. For example, betting on the horses. You don’t want to make a fool of yourself – in fact, you’d probably actually quite like to win! Find out about the Cheltenham Gold Cup odds and the odds for any other races before you go. Etiquette also boils down to not acting “laddish” – so remember, watch those drinks!

But one of the key things to note about these events – whether it’s Cheltenham, Ascot, the Grand National or anything else – is that fashion matters… and that’s where shopping comes in!

Shop For Style

Don’t get caught up in the typical mentality of “anything will do”. The horse races are deceptive – they may seem to be all about betting and watching the event, but they’re as much a society day as anything else. You may think that you don’t really care about all of that, but when the day rolls around, you’ll be grateful not to be shown up.

Think smart and stylish; classic and classy. If you’re picturing an outfit that you might perhaps wear to a wedding, you’re along the right tracks. Plus, you can get more use out of an outfit if you think you’ll be able to wear it more than once. Remember that these events often take place over spring and summer, so why not experiment with injecting a little colour? Pastels work really well.

Don’t forget: a light smart jacket is a must. Sadly, with our British weather being as it is, you’ll probably need an overcoat and even an umbrella for the earlier events – especially with Cheltenham taking place in March.

Many races will actually have a dress code, so check in advance. Basic rules do apply here – no jeans, please – and definitely no trainers! However, as Cheltenham is largely a winter event, there is no set one for this occasion.

Use The Chance To Experiment

Ever caught yourself lamenting that women get to have all of the fun when it comes to fashion? Why on earth does that have to be the case?

The races are a chance to show off creativity, so if you know what you’re doing, by all means give it a try.

Just remember that the media love to shame anything too brash on these days. It’s a sad state of affairs – especially because they usually target women – so consult a friend for honest advice, but don’t be afraid to let yourself shine.

The races are a great day out – have fun, and be sure to look (and act) the part.

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