Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Chelsea Boots



Chelsea boots are a staple piece in any fashionable man’s wardrobe due to their versatility and style. They come in many different materials and colours and can make a big difference to any outfit. To help you to choose the perfect pair of Chelsea boots for your wardrobe, we have put together a guide. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more about this.

The Size

Chelsea boots are made to be snug to your foot, so you need to make sure that the pair that you choose fit you perfectly. It is important that they are not too tight, or this can make them feel very uncomfortable and you won’t want to wear them.  Don’t be afraid to try on a few different sizes as you might find that your usual size is not actually the perfect fit for your feet in Chelsea boots.

The Material

Another important tip that we have for those trying to choose the perfect pair of Chelsea boots is to focus on the material. If you live somewhere that is often cold, wet and windy, you might want to avoid getting some suede boots that are only going to get ruined. Of course, the suede versions do look great, so you might want to invest in a pair for special occasions. For the winter, we recommend that you choose some leather Chelsea boots if you want them to stay in a good condition for longer.

The Design

The Chelsea boots from Dune London come in a few different styles but if you want to stay true to the Chelsea boot then you should stick with the original design. Chelsea boots are supposed to be sleek and slim and if you get some with a lot of frills, you might find it hard to pair them with your outfits. Think carefully about the design that you are going to go for as Chelsea boots are an investment and you’ll want to make sure that you get some good use out of them.

The Price

Chelsea boots can be expensive but if we were to only give you one tip it would be to not just opt for the cheapest pair. With a better quality of leather or suede, you can rely on your Chelsea boots for much longer and you’ll be able to style them with many different outfits. Of course, you don’t need to go over budget but just make sure that you are paying for the quality and not just going for the cheapest option. Check the material that the boots are made from and ensure that you can get them repaired in the future if need be.

The Outfit

Our final tip for those who are choosing Chelsea boots is to match your outfit carefully. If you want to recreate the classic look with these boots, then you should stick to some slim fit trousers. Artists like The Beatles are famous for this look and if you want to look amazing in your Chelsea boots then you should do the same. Think about showing some ankle if you want to get the most out of your brand new Chelsea boots.

Final Verdict

Choosing Chelsea boots is not too difficult as long as you make sure to follow all of the advice that we have given you in this article. You’ll find that the fit of the boot is very important as is the material that they are made from. Make sure to choose the perfect Chelsea boots for you and you will look amazing.

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