Top South America Countries for Solo Travellers

If you are looking for great places to travel as a solo traveller, look no further than South America. The sun, the culture, the food, the dancing and the chance to make a Latina fall in love with you. What could be better than a destination that offers all that and even more? We can’t think of anything. In the following post, then, as South America is a big continent, we’ve decided to make the decision of where to go in this fair land a little easier. Below you will find some of the best South American destinations for solo adventurers.


Brazil may seem like too easy a choice, but this high-energy country is made for travellers. It could be the passionate football fans, renowned the world over for their love of the game, those intoxicating and iconic samba and tango dances, the simply stunning beaches or the cool and at times, frenzied nightlife. It’s more a combination of all those things that make this a lively location for a great holiday.


No trip to South American would be complete without trying to fit in some time for visiting Columbia. Why? Despite the negativity surrounding this country, it’s a safe place to be and all coffee aficionados will want to try some of the great coffees there are to sample, especially in Salento and other similar places. Not only the coffee though, but the palm trees found at Cocora Valley and the jaw-droppingly awesome mountains.

Although there may be something of a language barrier, as most people speak Spanish, there are some people who will know a little English. So, take a phrase book or even consider learning some of the language. Words are not the only form of communication here, thanks to street artists, salsa dancers


Peru is so good it could have easily nabbed the first spot ahead of Brazil and Columbia. However, here we are, and Peru is famous for its food and the utterly and completely stunning 15th century ruins that make up what is known as Machu Picchu. It’s no wonder why this amazing structure is such a draw for tourists. All kinds of food also await you in Peru.


Found between Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay may not be your first, second or even third choice. It’s one of the smallest South American countries, but that doesn’t mean it’s small when it comes to the adventures and experiences you could have there as a solo traveller. There is a hospitality and charm to the country that is cultivated here that will suit you as a solo traveller. Its underrated and relaxed, especially compared to Brazil and Argentina, that really make it stand out. Even Montevideo, the capital is a sophisticated affair with gorgeous beaches, art deco buildings and some pretty awesome steak.

Even if you decided to venture to one of the countries not mentioned on the continent, you’d have a similarly varied and exciting experience.

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